hot travel bloggers in their 40s I am often left thinking that travel blogging is a profession of young people. At least that’s what it seems like when I see so many of the lists of top bloggers. Sex sells and when you are an attractive twenty something, or a young, recently married couple who looks good in a bathing suit, it’s no wonder a blogger’s following can skyrocket. I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last year or so, particularly when I’ve seen bloggers publish posts on hot bloggers in their 20s, or the sexiest female travelers alive, and more. What I’ve yet to see is a list of hot travel bloggers in their 40s.

I turn 40 this week. The big 4-0. I don’t want to come across as a has-been, I wish I still looked as good in a bathing suit now as when I got married, kind of woman. After all, I am pretty okay, most days, with turning 40. I have an amazing life and cannot complain about where I am.

But, I am finding myself looking for travel and blogging inspiration from, well, people like me. I am looking for people who have a few notches on their belts, who’ve been around the world and back again, or who even (gasp) had long-standing careers before travel. They’re the types who can be found on a motorcycle tour through Asia, hiking across Spain, or drinking Champagne in France. They live pretty cool lives, and are hardly has-beens.

So here I am, just as I turn 40 myself, sharing my list of my favorite hot travel bloggers in their 40s. There are no bikini shots of my fellow blogging brethren. Instead, it is a group of good people, who I’ve been fortunate enough to meet up with all over the world. Being able to look back at times I’ve had meeting these folks over three continents, while sharing our travel stories and experiences…well, to me, that’s sexy.

Sherry Ott of Ottsworld

hot travel bloggers in their 40s After escaping the corporate life in New York nine years ago, Sherry, from Ottsworld, has been blessing the Internet world with valuable travel tips, photographs that make you want to book a flight, and life musings that you don’t often see in travel blogs. Sherry also serves as a blogging mentor of mine, and has taught me a lot about photography – although, don’t blame her for me uploading a questionable photo now and then. Together, we’ve drank margaritas in Chicago and gin and tonics in Catalunya, and what’s sexier than a couple of women knocking back cocktails together.

Sherry recently wrote about the scrumptious feasts she had in Costa Brava and Pyrenees. You can follow Sherry on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lisa Lubin of LL World Tour

bloggers in their 40s Former TV producer Lisa, now semi-permanently residing in Chicago and New Jersey, has traveled to 50 countries and counting. She writes about her travel experiences and all the tasty food she devours at LL World Tour. I actually met Lisa and Sherry during the same weekend, when I attended Bloghouse in Chicago.  

I may joke that many of my hot travel bloggers in their 40s might not be liberal with photos of themselves in bathing suits, but Lisa made a splash recently with a fab post on how to travel and lose weight…and showed some amazing photos of bare belly – something you won’t be seeing from me anytime soon. Funny enough, if you subscribe to Lisa’s blog it suggests you sign up for “Fresh and Hot Blog Posts.” Kind of fitting. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Carol Cain of Girl Gone Travel

hot travel bloggers in their 40s I first met Carol, of Girl Gone Travel, at my first TBEX, the Travel Bloggers’ Conference, in Dublin a few years ago. Over a very rocky weekend for me, she made me feel welcomed into the world of travel blogging. This was due in part to her outgoing demeanor, friendly disposition, and ability to knock back cocktails like nobody’s business. Why do so many of my experiences with hot travel bloggers in their 40s involve cocktails?

Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Carol decided to end her career in public relations to live a life filled with profound travels and delicious food. Carol not only travels with her husband in tow (ha ha!), but also often with her children. Check out Carol’s recent experience biking through the vineyards in the beautiful Mont-Ventoux valley in southern France. Great views, great wine, great tour! Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jeff Dobbins of Adventures in Culture

hot travel bloggers in their 40s Jeff from Adventures in Culture is another person who made me feel welcome at that first TBEX, and as a result, holds a special place in my heart.  After being heavily involved in theater in New York, Jeff now focuses on immersing himself in the local culture during his travels.

Aside from being a travel writer, he also leads tours in NYC. Although his travels often seem to land him in some hot water, he also ends up finding the most beautiful vistas and amazing food. We love Spanish food and we love Jeff’s post about tapas in SevilleSubscribe to Jeff on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Susan Schwartz of Best Bits

hot travel bloggers in their 40s Susan, of Best Bits, and I met at Bloghouse in Chicago, and hung out again at TBEX in Greece and Spain. So, we’ve also knocked back a couple of drinks together. Although with Susan, we’re often looking for the best dishes to eat while sipping sparkling wine. Why is this such a trend with my blogger friends?

After being bitten by the wanderlust bug in her teenage years, American-born, London-resident Susan has since traveled to 50 countries. Susan’s travel blog caters to the passionate explorer who seeks authentic but luxurious experiences. If you’re heading to Louisiana, check out her top ten best bites in New Orleans and Breaux Bridge. I was totally jealous reading this post. And, follow Susan on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Ric Gazarian of Global Gaz

hot travel bloggers in their 40s Ric is like a big teddy bear, and one that is now firmly in our three continent club – a club for friends that we’ve met across the globe. We first met Ric in Chicago when I was speaking at a Meet, Plan, Go event. He spends most of the year in Bangkok, where we’ve spent time together. And, we’ve now been to a couple of TBEX events in Europe together. What we haven’t done is travel with Ric how he normally travels, outside of meetings and conferences.

Since 2008, Ric has visited all seven continents and there’s no stopping him from visiting every country on this planet. Ric shares off-the-beaten path destinations and insights on living life on the road, this includes Africa, the ‘Stans, and other crazy destinations we’ve never been, and may never visit. Remembering my not-so-pleasant experience in El Salvador, it was refreshing to see Ric capture the beautiful sites in this Central American country. Or, follow Ric on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Francesca Mazurkiewicz of The Working Mom’s Travels

hot travel bloggers in their 40s Another Chicago Bloghouse alum, and lifelong Chicago resident, Francesca proves that you don’t have to (and shouldn’t) give up your passion for travel despite juggling a family and a full-time career. She’s pretty inspirational in what she does, because she is one of those women who is doing it all. She writes a lot about travel around the US and in The Working Mom’s Travels, she writes about how she balances all threeFollow Francesca on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Bret Love of Green Global Travel

hot travel bloggers in their 40s I first met Bret of Green Global Travel on Facebook, where he was commenting about my struggles with traveling with big breasts. Perhaps a strange way to meet, but I promise you, it was nothing off-color. In fact, Bret travels with his wife, and apparently shops for her too.

An advocate of responsible tourism and cultural preservation, Bret has set foot in beautiful places across the world with one goal in mind: to save the world. When I met him in person this year in Spain, his personality was just as big. Read about Bret’s seven important life lessons he learned in the Galapagos Islands which can apply to just about anyone. Follow Bret, and Mary, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Scott Eddy of Mr. Scott Eddy

hot travel bloggers in their 40s We met Scott of Mr. Scott Eddy, initially through Twitter. That’s how most people met Scott. Although we only spent a short time knocking back a drink in Bangkok, we now seem to be chatting on Skype almost weekly. Scott, a former stockbroker turned serial entrepreneur and digital nomad, connects entrepreneurs to the rest of the world.

Aside from being a digital marketing consultant, Scott is also the Global Brand Ambassador of Zipkick. Although he is relatively new to the travel blogging world, he is a social media influencer unlike any I’ve seen, which gives him firm footing to be placed on our list of hot travel bloggers in their 40s. 

Read Scott’s motivational post about 5 daily shortcuts to a happy and productive lifeSubscribe to Scott on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Honorable Mentions – Hot Bloggers Not Quite in Their 40s

When I first came up with my list of hot travel bloggers in their 40s, two people came to mind. When I dug a little deeper, though, I found out they are both in their 50s, although just barely. And, since I am ten years away from creating my own list of hot travel bloggers in their 50s, I need to include Shane and Kerwin in this list, as honorable mentions.

Shane Dallas of The Travel Camel

hot travel bloggers in their 40s Australian travel blogger Shane Dallas, aka The Travel Camel, has visited over ninety countries. Focusing on cultural and authentic experiences, Shane chooses to live, eat, and stay where the local people do. He is the epitome of a traveler who takes the road less traveled. The road very less traveled. Luckily we have not had to meet up with Shane on any of his crazy excursions and instead have met him in places like Dublin, and London – more our speed.

Read about Shane’s nerve-wracking ordeal with a Somaliland tourism official abusing power, asking him to leave the country with no legal basis at all. Yeah, not exactly how we travel. For us, it’s an adventure to just read about Shane’s experiences. Follow Shane on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Kerwin McKenzie of CruisinAltitude

travel bloggers in their 40s Similar to Scott Eddy, Kerwin is a serial entrepreneur, with multiple blogs about all sorts of niches. Closer to our heart, and Eric’s, he is a fellow #AvGeek, writing at CruisinAltitude. When Kerwin and Eric get together, even online, there’s nothing stopping the AvGeekery. Kerwin has visited more than 100 countries and flies an average of 300,000 miles each year! His blog is filled with the best travel tips and airline reviews.

For when you plan to cross the Atlantic Ocean, take note of these 7 luxurious ways to fly from New York to London. Connect with Kerwin on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Did I miss anyone? Who should I add in for the next episode of hot travel bloggers in their 40s?

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