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About Amber (and The Husband)

After 10 years as a corporate tax attorney, I left my job at the largest law firm in the world, to start living my life with more purpose. I am now a recovering tax lawyer, travel writer, social media consultant, speaker, and professional eater. And, I travel With Husband In Tow as together we seek new Adventures in Food, Wine & Luxury Travel.

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With Husband In Tow Food Travel Blog

With Husband In Tow encourages people to experience the world by sharing unique destinations.  Our goal is to inspire readers to try something new, and to escape their comfort zone.  With Husband In Tow influences the choices people make about where and how to travel.

Approximately 30% of our readers are from the United States, with the remainder predominantly from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Singapore.  Our readers and followers are interested in luxury travel, but also crave adventure.

Top Travel Blogs to Watch in 2015

With Husband In Tow’s goal is to promote and inspire readers to visit and experience new destinations, and the products we promote. We are available for press trips, speaking engagements, sponsorship opportunities, and other partnerships. We can offer targeted blog posts that will reach a highly engaged audience of readers, complimented by crisp, colorful photographs and videos. Coverage can extend beyond With Husband In Tow to other media outlets and social media channels.

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With Husband In Tow Food Travel Blog


food travel blog


Working with Amber was a joy from start to finish. You can tell she chooses to work with brands that she really does believe in, and her enthusiasm is contagious! She boosted our engagement levels on social media and even produced an unexpected video about her experience with our food tours.

Devour Barcelona

We had the pleasure of meeting With Husband in Tow on a delightful afternoon with our food tour in Bangkok. As a result of Amber’s coverage, we immediately experienced an increase in social media traffic. Amber successfully created a loyal following based on an honest and engaging approach to social media. With Husband in Tow has allowed us to reach new audiences and rank among one of the top things to do in Bangkok.

Taste of Thailand Food Tours

You are doing a great job with your blog postings and I have to say I am very impressed with the overall tone and the prolific amount of posts you are writing!  Your output and the quality of it has certainly exceeded our expectations. Thank you!


Yummy Italy

With Husband in Tow is an escape. I read about breaking away from the computers, fluorescent lights and BlackBerrys, all while sitting at my work desk. It is my motivation to take more trips and maybe even more risks. A great read for all the classical 9-to-5ers.


food travel blog
food travel blog
Food Travel Blog
food travel blog

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