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I remember the first time we went wine tasting. It was in Temecula, California, a wine region most people don’t know about. It happened to be down the road from Eric’s brother, so we stopped at a few wineries and took in a few tastings. Back then, I never had heard the term wine tourism.

Since that trip to Temecula, we’ve been tasting (and drinking) wines whenever we can. But, the idea of wine tourism – traveling to taste local wines – is still new to us. In fact, learning how to make the most of wine tourism is part of how we’ve learned how to travel like Anthony Bourdain. Because wine tourism is not just about tasting wine. It’s about understanding the region, pairing local food with the local wine, exploring wine hotels, and meeting the winemakers who are passionate about their regions. For us, wine travel is just such a large part of traveling for food.

Spanish Wine Tourism

Spanish Wine Tourism

There are over 60 different wine regions in Spain.  Yet, most people when asked about Spanish wine will only know Rioja, or maybe the sparkling cava, perhaps the Tempranillo grape. We’ve just begun to get our feet wet in the burgeoning wine tourism scene in Spain.

But, we started with a great one. After spending almost six weeks in Emporda, the wine region nestled between Barcelona and France, we are ready to return. To return to Emporda, and other Spanish wine regions.

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Portuguese Wine Tourism

Portuguese Wine Tourism

Over the coming months, expect to see a lot more posts about Portuguese wine tourism. Many people don’t think of Portugal as a destination for wine tourism, or really wine, other than the sweet dessert wine made in Porto.

But, the Portuguese countryside is stunning, dotted with vineyards to the east in Alentejo. In the north, we are visiting Douro, Porto, and Minho, in search of fabulous vinho verde. And, we are exploring the wine hotels in the Portuguese countryside.

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Italian Wine Tourism

Italian Wine Tourism

When living in Chicago, we really started to focus on wine more, and we bought a lot of it, particularly from our favorite little wine and cheese shop in Lakeview. Our obsession with wine continued to grow, so it seemed a little strange that we ended up in Southeast Asia most of the last few years, where wine is hard to come by, especially decent wine.

This was part of the reason why we spent a month in Europe in October 2014. We were thrilled to spend two weeks in Emilia Romagna, drinking Lambrusco and learning about the other local Italian wines. With two more trips to Emilia Romagna this year, we are continuing to understand more about this amazing wine tourism region.

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