Spain Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide

A Spain Food Travel Guide

I have always dreamed of moving overseas, and for years it was a toss up between Spain and Italy. after over 4 years living in Southeast Asia, we finally made a choice. There is something about the Spain food travel scene that draws me in. So we moved to Spain (well, Catalonia to be exact).

During our first visit to Barcelona, in 2007, we spent most of our time hanging around Las Ramblas, and exploring La Boqueria.  I was mesmerized by the market, the fresh ingredients, the tapas, the pork.  And, let’s not forget about the cava, the sparkling wine that I am infatuated with.

It was not, though, until we returned to Barcelona and tried to live like the locals do that we stepped away from the tourist center that is Las Ramblas.  That is when Barcelona really opened up to us.  It is when I realized that everyone needs an insider look, a Spain food travel guide to help them find the best foods in the best locations. And, this Spain food travel guide explores Spain outside of Barcelona.

Costa Brava Food Travel Guide

Costa Brava Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide

The Costa Brava

Everyone rushes to visit Madrid and Barcelona when traveling to Spain. There is one region, though, which is a shining star for culinary tourism.

The Costa Brava is the coastal region that runs from Barcelona to the French border. The rugged coastline is the perfect place to explore the traditional seafood that is popular in the Costa Brava. And, home to more Michelin stars per capital than any other region, this tradition meets moden in a high end dining scene like no other.

To top it off, there is an amazing up and coming wine region, Emporda, where winemakers are taking centuries old vineyards and bringing them into the modern era in a wine renaissance.

To learn more about Spain food travel in the Costa Brava region, take a look at the posts below.

Or, check out our full Costa Brava Food Travel Guide.

San Sebastian Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide

San Sebastian

A dream destination for any self-proclaimed foodie, San Sebastian is the home of pintxos, small bites of delicious food. A lot goes into understanding the food culture of San Sebastian. From the private San Sebastian food and gastronomy associations, where generations of male chefs cook for their friends while singing to traditional music. To the many Michelin Star restaurants and contemporary gastronomy. From the cider houses to the local wines. From pintxos that range from simple grilled prawns, to elaborate modern pintxos that require explanations on how to eat.

Check out the The Best Pintxos to Eat in San Sebastian

San Sebastian seems to have it all, but there is more to the city than just San Sebastian food. The city itself is stunning, with a fabulous mix of neo-classical and Belle Époque architecture. The city formed between the end of the Napoleonic era and World War I. It’s the most French-looking city in Spain, and offers a unique geographical position, surrounded by water on about 5 sides.

Learn More in Our San Sebastian Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide

Barcelona Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide


Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world.  Hands down.  I love Southeast Asia, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about the Spanish city by the sea, and the Spanish lifestyle that just draws me in.  Once I figured out how to explore Barcelona like a local, and created my own Spain food travel guide to focus on the food scene in Barcelona, I really fell in love.

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When to Eat in Spain


Spain Food Travel Guide

Spain Food Travel Guide


Madrid is Spain’s largest city.  Nestled in the heart of the country, its size can be intimidating when looking for great food.  We were lucky in that we met up with some friends who were able to provide us the inside scoop about where to go for the best tapas scene in Madrid.  We were able to try Vermouth like the locals, and eat bacalao like the locals.  This is the way to see Madrid, to explore the city with a Spain food travel guide that is focused on the best things to eat in the city.

Tapas in Madrid

Eating Like the Locals in Madrid

Madrid’s Museo del Jamon

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Madrid Food Travel Guide

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Spain Food Travel Guide
Spain Food Travel Guide

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