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How to Make Money on the Road

I can see it now, young, adventurous traveler thinks “Hey, I am going to become a famous travel blogger, travel the world for free, and everyone will read my blog just simply because it is out there for the world to see.  I will work a few hours a week, and get paid lots of money because I am a genius writer, and for sure this world needs more travel bloggers.”

Yeah, it doesn’t quite work like that.

I have been blogging for two years, and have yet to turn a profit, or even come close.  Yeah, we have received some cool stuff, including a press trip to Dubai, a luxury stay at the Viceroy in Bali, and a food tour in Malaysia, but so far this whole blogging thing has not paid off.  The business of blogging is a lot harder than it seems.

I am in a cross roads in my digital nomad career, and I have been left wondering whether I can hack it as a blogger, should I just focus on teaching yoga, or whether I can do both.  Or, can I just put my feet up and wait for Eric to make a ton of money with Mandala, The Yoga Massage Ball?

As much as I would prefer to choose the latter option, I am left wondering whether I should just give it all up.  What better time than now to travel to the other side of the world to attend Navigate Media Group’s BlogHouse Chicago.  That seems like the surest way to make this whole blogging thing work, right?

BlogHouse Chicago

Business of Blogging

I heard rave reviews about BlogHouse, a weekend where a group of up and coming bloggers hunker down in a large house with some top notch, world famous bloggers, learning tips and tricks on how to monetize a successful blog.  Let me tell you, if this year’s BlogHouse were in Nashville, or Cincinnati, there is no way I would have made the 6,000 mile journey, earning me the title of “farthest traveled” to attend a blogger bootcamp.

Lucky for me, though, Lisa Lubin, one of the blogger pros, calls Chicago home, and worked with FlipKey to host the event just a mile south of where I used to live in Chicago.  On a lovely Saturday, this hungover blogger, walked across Lakeview and into Lincoln Park, ready to meet a bunch of blogger strangers, for a weekend at Villa d’Citta, a Tuscan style mansion and B&B set in the heart of Lincoln Park. 

Blogging as a Business

Business of Blogging The first thing I learned is that in order for you to make a business out of your blog, you need to treat it as a business, something I really had not been doing.  Then, I spent the next four days scribbling notes (okay, typing into my MacBook) on effectively using Facebook and Twitter, how to take better photos, how to create top notch videos, how to monetize a blog, how to optimize a WordPress site (I am not even on WordPress), how to create a media kit, and how to make an effective pitch for work.  

What did I learn?  I have a “business plan” the length of a spoiled child’s Christmas list of things I need to do in order to give this Digital Nomad thing a real go.  So much to do that it makes my head spin.

The result? It is too early to say.  There are a lot of changes coming to With Husband In Tow, and I hope you stick around to see them through.  There might even be a week or two with no new content while I migrate to the new site!   

This is a great time for me to check in with you too.  Let me know what you like, and what you don’t like.  But, most important, know that I appreciate your support!  I would like to figure out how make this Digital Nomad thing truly work, and without all of you that’s impossible.

What would you like to see more of on With Husband In Tow?


  1. I kind of felt the same way coming out of BlogHouse – a huge list of ‘to dos’ and not enough time to make it happen!

    • Yeah, Lance, now that I have the blog up, I am set to go through the rest of my to do’s!

  2. Hey no hatin’ on Cincinnati!! 😛

    I did not attend BlogHouse, but on the other hand, I did manage to figure out that I don’t make any money even without it!

    Luckily, I do at least have a day job, which I am in no danger of giving up any time soon…. 😀

    • No hatin’ on Cincinnati, I love Skyline chili!

  3. Hi from South East Europe.
    While we are not looking at monetising our blog (although that would be a dream come true) it’s cool for us to know that there are others experiencing the same online/blogging pains we do.
    We will be following you and you have our support in anyway we can help.
    Good Luck!
    With our Best Regards,
    Tamara and David

    • Thanks, and good luck with the blog!

  4. Great that you’ve written a business plan! I always tell those who ask me about more professional blogging, to write a business plan and to combine it with a marketing or communication plan. Not that with those two on your desktop magic will happen overnight, but it gives you a focus. Make suer to check regularly if your still on the path you have written out for your blog or if you need to make adjustments one way or the other. A business plan for a blog is a living document, since blogging should keep up with trends. But I’m sure they have told you that at the Masterclass as well. Good for you you attended!

  5. So far, all I typically find is either people who aren’t really making enough to do more than backpack and crash in hostels with millenials (at the risk of sounding like my parents I’m too hold for that now..) or wanting you to pay $500 – $1000 for entry into some course that promises access to all the secrets to earning location independent six-figures. I’ve made some modest, location independent money but nothing I could live off, much less sustainable. While I’ve tried various things and have mad online skills, I have yet to find a way to earn recurring on the road as the title alludes.


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