Portugal Food Travel Guide

Portugal Food Travel Guide

Portugal Food Travel Guide

It took us a long time to get to Portugal.  We even traveled to Montenegro before Portugal.  It was always that little sliver to the west of Spain, a place somewhat difficult to get to from the rest of Europe.  When we finally landed in Lisbon for the first time, though, I questioned what took us so long?  What took us so long to explore the Portugal food travel scene?

From high end food courts in Lisbon, to amazing pork sandwiches.  From fresh seafood at the famous Cervejaria Ramiro, and amazing lesser known wines. Portugal has a little something for everyone.  So far, we have only scratched surface of Portugal food travel, after a couple of trips to Lisbon.  We explored the Alentejo wine country, which left us only wanting more. To properly experience Portugal food travel, it all starts with accommodations.

Check out this guide on where to stay in Portugal along with this list of best dishes to eat in Lisbon.

Portugal food travel guide where to eat in Portugal

Portugal food travel guide

Creative Portuguese cuisine at DOP in Porto

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Portugal Food Travel Guide

Read about Portuguese egg tarts, and what it’s like to stand while eating in Lisbon

Portugal food travel guide where to stay in Portugal

Where to Stay in Portugal

This may be a Portugal food travel guide, and I am going to continue to tell you where to find the best seafood in Lisbon until you promise me you will go to Cervejaria Ramiro. But, because we’ve stayed all over Portugal, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels to wine hotels (yes wine hotels), we’ve put together our recommendations on where to stay in Portugal.

We’ve written detailed descriptions of all of the places we’ve stayed around Portugal, and I honestly don’t know which place I loved most. The fact is, there are so many unique options of where to stay in Portugal, particularly when you get out of the big city of Lisbon, and you start exploring the countryside.

Click here for our recommendations on where to stay in Portugal.

Portugal Food Travel Guide

Portugal Food Travel Guide

Check out videos about food travel around the world on the With Husband In Tow YouTube page.

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Portugal Food Travel Guide

Lisbon Portugal Food Travel Guide

Lisbon is often the first stop on anyone’s Portugal food travel tour. Exploring Lisbon is like exploring a forgotten city, with climbing hills and intricately tiled buildings.  The Lisbon food scene is bustling, though, from family-owned traditional eateries, to bars serving amazing pork sandwiches and, bakeries offering incredible pastries and coffee.  Then, there is a new contemporary scene, where chefs are exploring the combination of traditional flavors and new techniques.

This is the heart of our Portugal Food Travel Guide:

Cervejaria Ramiro – Best Seafood In Lisbon

Lisbon Culinary Tour – Lunch With a Professional Chef

Standing While Eating in Lisbon

Tempting the Seafood Gods at Cervejaria Ramiro

A Love Affair With a Sandwich – Bifanas in Lisbon

Learning How to Make a Proper Gin & Tonic

Dining at Bistro 4 – Porto Bay Liberdade

Alentejo Portugal food Travel guide

Before traveling to Portugal, I would not have associated the country with wine.  Of course I know about the sweet port dessert wine, but other than that, it is a country unexplored for wine.  When traveling to Lisbon for the first time, we often just asked for the house white wine, or thought we were sophisticated when we learned about vino verde, a crisp white wine, with a greenish tint.

Then, we learned about Alentejo, the stunningly beautiful wine country east of Lisbon, bordering Spain.  Home to an up and coming wine country, with traditional Portuguese home cooking, within a day it was a land that stole our hearts. Here are our tips on how to explore Alentejo, and to experience Portugal food travel, through a wine glass.

Torre do Frade – Alentejo Wine

Torre de Palma Wine Hotel

How About Some Alentejo Wine With Dinner?

porto Portugal food travel guide

We’ve been hearing about Porto and the Douro Valley since our early trips to Portugal. But, we’d never managed to head north. Something we corrected recently, when we stayed not only in Porto, but explored the wine regions of Douro and Minho, at the far north of Portugal. So far north we could see Spain.

Where to Eat in Porto

Dining at Rui Paula’s DOP Porto

Douro Valley Wine Tasting

Convento Dos Capuchos – Wine Tasting in Vinho Verde

Tasting Vinho Verde in Minho

Tapas and Vinho Verde in Minho


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