Asia Food Travel Guide

Asia Food Travel

When thinking about a Asia food travel guide, I, myself, become a little overwhelmed. Foreign lands, foreign languages, and food scenes that are almost indescribable. That, perhaps, is why I have eaten a lot more Asian foods than I am able to write about Asia food travel.  Perhaps this Asia food travel guide is a little inspirational.  It just scratches the surface of what we have eaten. I have so many pictures and so many more stories to tell about Asia food travel in places like South Korea, Osaka, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

I can’t even touch China.  During our first round the world trip in 2009, we explored China and Hong Kong, and ate so many fabulous foods.  We’ve returned to Hong Kong as well since that time.  But, all of this Asia food travel experience occurred before starting this blog.  It’s always been on my long term to do list, to go back to my first blog, to look at my old photos, to tell the stories of our very first experiences exploring the Asia food travel scene.  Instead, it is merely inspirational.

Hong Kong Food Travel Guide

The best part about choosing Bangkok as our home base, it’s only three hours from Hong Kong! One of our favorite places to eat. From Cantonese, to spicy Szechuan, and dim sum, we will continue to go back to eat the best Hong Kong Food.

Glenlivent Whisky Pairing Dinner Video

Seoul Food Travel Videos

Korean BBQ Video



South Korea Food Travel Guide

Our first trip to South Korea we focused on Seoul.  And, even within the city limits there was loads to eat, much of it food that we were previously unfamiliar with. We are working on a return to Seoul in 2016 to include more great eats in this portion of the Asia food travel guide.

Learning How to Make Kimchi in Seoul

Eating Korean BBQ in Seoul

Osaka Food Travel Guide

Osaka Food Travel

During our first trip to Japan, we explored Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.  For our most recent trip, it was all about eating in Osaka, for 10 full days.  It was a gluttons exploration in a land where picture menus rule and Japanese salary men know how to eat (and drink!).

How Much Does it Cost to Eat in Japan

Top 10 Foods to Eat in Osaka

An Osaka Cooking Class – Learning Family Secrets

Macau Food Travel

Macau Food Travel

During our second trip to Macau, we went high-end luxury dining for most of the trip. But, we managed to eat a few pork chop buns too.

Where to Eat in Galaxy Macau

Ritz-Carltong Bar Macau – A Proper Gin and Tonic

The Famous Macau Pork Chop Bun

Taipei Food Travel Guide

Taipei Food Travel

Would you believe that I carry around a notebook containing all of my notes on eating in Taipei.  We spent a week there, our first visit, and were, once again overwhelmed.  Over a year later, I promise to provide more tips on eating in Taipei.

Foodies Guide to Taipei



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