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 About Amber & The Husband

I am a recovering tax attorney from the largest law firm in the world and am trying to eat my way around the globe. As a professional eater, I travel throughout the world in search of great eats, amazing wines, and unique experiences, all while traveling With Husband In Tow. I encourage others to do the same, exploring the world through food and wine travel.  

How It All Started

Our Love Story

Ah, we were oh so young. Eric and I met in college, back at Rutgers in 1997. I traveled a bit before we met, but some of our earliest conversations could have been the focus of a Bon Jovi ballad – we wanted to escape New Jersey and to explore. Back then, we both wanted to move to California, it was one of the few things we agreed on, as we kind of hated each other for the first six months we were dating. At the time I had no idea what a “foodie” was or that I would end up loving food travel, let alone start a food travel blog.

Instead of heading west, we moved to Washington, D.C. so I could attend law school, and after that to Chicago, for my Big Firm life. Little did we know, when we met in the nineties, that we would end up traveling the world for food.

Escape the Predictable Life

Culinary Travel Blog I didn’t hate my lawyer life at first. But, I never knew why I went to law school, or what drove me to the law, other than to make money. I heard it was lucrative. That was enough for me. Back then, there were no blogs devoted to explaining why Big Law Sucks.  Now, the internet is littered with them.

Big Law just sort of sucked the life out of me. When I came down with tendonitis in 2007, a work related injury, I knew a change was needed.

It took five more years and a round the world trip to make me realize what kind of a change was needed. After ten years practicing law, we escaped, just like we said we would back in 1997. Instead of playing volleyball on the beach in California, though, we created a home base for ourselves in Southeast Asia, where we continue to explore the world and eat everything in sight along the way. Food travel just became a way of life for us, and the food travel blog became an extension of this passion.

I am  now a recovering tax attorney, professional eater, writer, and social media consultant, and Eric and I work together. He complains he is no longer “in tow.” Instead, he is an integral part of the food travel blog. Even almost five years in, some days I feel we are just starting to really figure out how all of this digital nomad business works. But one thing is for certain, there is no return.

Our Adventures in Food Travel Blog

Food Travel Blog With over 70 countries and counting, I travel With Husband In Tow. Together, we are seeking new Adventures in Food as we travel on our stomachs. I love the food in Asia – the combination of fresh ingredients, thoughtful preparation, and the fantastic mix of sweet, salty, sour, and spicy. Be it fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, Thai bubble tea, Malay roti canai, or anything with a noodle. I obsess about Asian food, well really all food, and I could spend all day every day eating, if it were socially acceptable. Maybe we need to live in Italy at some point, where that behavior is socially acceptable.

This blog started as a travel blog, cataloguing our adventures through Eastern Europe, Central America, and then Asia. Then, it turned into a bit more of an expat blog, sharing the trials and tribulations of living a life as an expat in Asia. Now, it has all of this and more as I realized my passion truly lies in food travel! I may provide a little travel advice along the way, to show you how you can have fun traveling, and maybe earn some money on the road. But, the focus is on eating, traveling for food, and all things pork! This is truly a food travel blog.

After living in Ubud, Bali, for 18 months, we spent almost all of 2015 out on the road. Tired and exhausted, we settled in Bangkok as our home base. During 2016, we continued to explore Asia and Europe, and spent two months on a culinary road trip to the US called the #USChowDown. Now, well into 2017, we find ourselves splitting time between Asia and Europe, balancing our needs for spicy curry with our desire to drink fabulous Italian wines!

We have two primary goals: 1) seeking amazing culinary travel experiences; and 2) sharing tips on how you can do the same!

Join us as we continue to seek new Adventures in Food, Wine & Luxury Travel! We will teach you how to travel the world for food! 

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