Southeast Asia Food Travel

Southeast Asia Food Travel Guide

You Know You’re in Southeast Asia When…well, there is just something about the region.  It’s no secret we love Southeast Asia, and when we first stepped foot back in the area in early 2013, we knew we were in the right spot.  Yeah, it’s a cheap place to live and to travel, but more than anything, for us, it’s all about the Southeast Asia food!

We’ve been fortunate to be able to explore the Southeast Asia food scene, from cooking classes to food tours.  From street food to luxury dining.  We love spice, we love to explore, we love to try new foods.  From Vietnamese pho to Thai curry, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy our Southeast Asia Food Travel Guide, and check back often for more updates on tasty eats!


Vietnam Food Travel

Vietnam Food Travel

Vietnam is a country we return to over and over.  From our fist visit in 2009, when we volunteered as English teachers, to our more recent visits to see friends in Hanoi, it’s a country that has captured our hearts.  So much so, that we even considered moving to Hanoi.  The food is a big part of why we return to Vietnam over and over again, and is one of our favorite places to explore Southeast Asia food.

Exploring Hanoi Street Food

Touring Chau Long Market in Hanoi

The Perfect Cooking Class in Hanoi

Learning How to Make Pho

Eating Snake in Vietnam

Returning to Dine at Chim Sao Hanoi

Malaysia Food Travel

Malaysia Food Travel

At the crossroads of Southeast Asia, we always seem to find ourselves in Kuala Lumpur, and have traveled around Malaysia as well.  A veritable melting pot of Indian, Malay, and Chinese cultures and cuisine, Malaysia has a little something for everyone looking to explore Southeast Asia food.

The Ultimate Melting Pot – Where to Eat in Kuala Lumpur

Food Tour Malaysia

Malaysian Cooking Class – Cook With Shuk

Top 10 Foods to Eat in Langkawi

How to Cook Beef Rendang

Bali Food Travel

Bali Food Travel

We lived in Ubud, Bali, for about 18 months.  Most of the reason we ended up there was to get healthy, to practice yoga.  It was a great place to do this with loads of healthy food options, but there are also decent international options, and fabulous luxury restaurants as well.  Check out our Southeast Asia food tips for Bali:

Tips for Eating in Bali – Street Eats

Tips for Eating in Bali – The Padang

Bintang and Babi Guling in Bali

Luxury Dining in Ubud

Luxury Dining at CasCades Restaurant Ubud

Decadent Breakfast at The Viceroy Bali

Nasi Padang

Singapore Food Travel

Singapore Food Travel

Just down the road from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore is another great melting pot city, and one that it is entirely proud of its Southeast Asia food heritage.

Singapore for Foodies – a Visa Run or Food Run?

Eng’s Noodle House

An Addiction to Portuguese Egg Tarts

Singaporean Chicken Rice

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