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Before this journey began, we engaged in a bit of luxury travel as part of our business travel. Eric and I would each be disappointed if an upgrade did not go through, and the thought of staying at a hostel was unheard of. But, when we left the US in 2012, and we left our luxury travel lifestyle, we were on a budget. We had no idea how long the budget would last, or if we could make this digital nomad lifestyle really work.

For a while, we traveled more like flashpackers than backpackers, staying in slightly nicer accommodations, ensuring we were always online and connected. Since that time, though, our focus on comfort, a good night’s sleep, and a little bit of luxury travel has been our goal. When we are not renting apartments to live like a local, therefore, we grab every chance we get to experience luxury travel!

Explore Luxury Destinations in Style, With Husband In Tow



What is Affordable Luxury Travel?

Most luxury travelers don’t actually need the private jet, the helicopter transfer, the Dom Pérignon welcome, and the private butler. Okay, a lot of that stuff would be nice. But, there is a level of traveller that cannot afford that experience on every trip, but still strives for a luxury travel experience.

And, that, is what affordable luxury means to us. It’s not just the number of stars of the hotel, but it includes the type of experience people seek when traveling. Check out what affordable luxury travel means to us.

Affordable Luxury Travel
Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Travel Means Luxury Dining

Our luxury travel doesn’t begin and end with fancy hotels, or even business and first class flights. For us, luxury travel includes luxury dining too. After all, we primarily travel on our stomachs.

I love my street food, and am always looking for a good deal. I credit the street food scene in Asia for starting my career as a full blown foodie.

But, sometimes a little luxury dining is in order: a nice glass of wine, truffles, fois gras, multiple courses, snooty waiters, I love it all! Okay, maybe I could go without the snooty waiters.

Of course, with all of the amazing luxury dining experiences we’ve had in the last few years, I’ve yet to come across a memorable snooty waiter. In fact, we are often able to eat luxury food all over the world, with friendly service, and a full blown discussion of the local ingredients and the recipes.

And, let’s not forget about the wine. We’ve been exploring wine tourism destinations as well, learning about lesser known wine regions in Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

Here are some posts from our favorite luxury dining experiences:


Luxury Dining Videos





Luxury Travel Guide

Luxury Travel – Hotels and Resorts

We’ve been fortunate to have stayed in some pretty nice accommodations in the recent past, harking back to the luxury accommodations and luxury travel we experienced in our earlier lives.  We still work from the executive lounges at these high-end properties, but on a career we truly enjoy!

Luxury Hotels – Europe and Middle East

Torre de Palma Wine Hotel in Portugal

Hotel Aigua Blava – Costa Brava Luxury Hotel

The Beech Hill Hotel, Derry

Luxury at the Palace Downtown Dubai

Luxury Hotel Videos



Luxury Travel – Business & First Class

Eric may be the #AvGeek in the household, but I don’t stand in his way when he tries to find unique ways to cash in our miles for luxury travel experiences in the air.  From flying United Global First to Cathay Pacific Business Class, we have found another way to experience luxury travel – 35,000 feet up!  In the mean time, we have figured out not only how to book these flights, but how to make the most of the journey.

United Airlines Global First – Boeing 777

Cathay Pacific First Class – Boeing 777

Cathay Pacific Business Class – Boeing 777

Emirates A380 Business Class

Etihad Airways Business Class on a Jet Airways Aircraft!

Etihad Airways Business Class

Lufthansa Business Class – A380

Air China Business Class – A330

Qatar Airways Business Class

Luxury #AvGeek Videos


Luxury Travel Podcast

Talking Luxury Travel

With Husband In Tow Travel Podcast

Did you know we launched a podcast? It’s all about food, wine, and luxury travel. Check out these episodes where we chat about luxury travel!

Luxury Travel and Luxury Flying Experiences

Luxury Travel and a Helicopter Tour over Hong Kong

Talking Luxury Travel with Scott Eddy

Whisky and Cantonese Pairing in Hong Kong

French Cuisine in China

Luxury Travel – Cruising

Cruising can be a great way to travel if it’s done right!

5 Reasons to Choose Luxury Cruise Travel – Luxury Cruise Vacations

5 Cruise Misconceptions Debunked!

A French River Cruise – Food and Wine on the Rhone

French Cooking Class in Lyon

Langkawi Sunset Cruise – Luxury Travel at Sea

Check out our video on Luxury Cruising with Viking River Cruises!

luxury cruising

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