6 Fascinating Destinations for a Once in a Lifetime Holiday

Many travelers don’t have a lot of holiday time to work with. That’s why it’s important to pick the perfect destination for your trip, whether you want to eat your way through a country, or learn about the history or the culture of a new country. Here, we recommend 6 destinations for a unique and once in a lifetime holiday. Each destination is firmly on the list of must-visit destinations.

Spain is a Food Lover’s Paradise

Restaurants – Roses Costa Brava

Spain might not be on the top of everyone’s must-visit list, but it should be. It’s easy to get around, and there are so many cities to explore for food lovers. Each region of Spain offers its own unique cuisine. From an island holiday in Mallorca to eating at one of the best restaurants in the world to pintxos bar hopping in San Sebastian – there is something for everyone!

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Russia is Truly a Once in a Lifetime Holiday

Russia has amazing and iconic cities that any traveler can surely appreciate. You can visit St. Petersburg, the cultural capital of Europe. It has 221 museums, 45 galleries, 2,000 libraries, and 80 theatres. You’ll also find Moscow interesting, the traditional side of Russia, as it’s full of historical structures. Going on a tour of Russia could take weeks, if not months, as there is just so much to see. Aside from the history that is evident in the area, you can also see skyscrapers, the houses of the richest people in the world, and bohemian art galleries.It’s also certainly a once in a lifetime holiday destination.

Italy is For Food Lovers Too (And History Buffs)

Acetai Pedroni di Modena - Osteria di Rubbiara Italy should definitely be on your bucket list. It is the home to over 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the active volcano of Mount Etna, ancient temple ruins in Paestum and Agrigento, just to name a few. You can also visit Rome as it is known for its rich history, architecture, museums, historical monuments, great gelato, and many more. This city is also where you can find the famous Vatican City. Venice is another famous city in Italy. Many travelers get amazed upon seeing this city as its built on a lagoon which is enclosed by the Adriatic Sea.  It’s also known as one of the most romantic and dreamy cities in the whole world.

For food lovers, though, the number one destination in Italy should be Emilia Romagna, home to Bologna, Modena, and Parma and some of the top food products in the country. It’s also not as touristy as other destinations. One thing, though, Emilia Romagna is probably not a once in a lifetime holiday destination. Once you visit once, you’ll be hooked!

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France is for Romance

living like a local in Paris Air France to Paris Known for its romantic ambiance, Paris is a great holiday destination if you’re planning to go with your special someone. Explore the beauty of the famous City of Love. Don’t miss the chance to visit the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, and two of the world’s finest museums: Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay. If you’re visiting in the summer, then you could go camping at one of the many excellent campsites in France or go on a cycling holiday to explore the local towns.

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Cuba is a Once in a Lifetime Holiday Destination

Cuba-Vinales When you go to Cuba, visit Havana. It has a fascinating beauty that always captures the hearts of tourists. Cuba is popular honeymoon destination as it provides the perfect blend of romance and fun. If you’re fond of taking pictures, you will find it interesting to capture the beauty of numerous derelict buildings and numerous vintage cars scattered in the place. Museo de la Revolucion is the right place to go if you’re interested in Cuban history and culture.

Aside from Havana, there are a lot more cities you can visit in Cuba like Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santiago, Santa Clara, Baracoa, Camaguey, and a lot more. Visiting the Vinales Valley is also unique, to explore the Cuban countryside.

Turkey Has So Much to Explore

Turkish people are very hospitable and it is their culture to invite you for tea or take you out for lunch. Aside from the people, Turkey has beautiful beaches such as Kabak, Butterfly Valley, Ölüdeniz, or Olympus. You can also go hiking on the eastern side of Turkey, and visit Harran, Ani, or Sanliurfa. Plus, a visit to Istanbul means you can step foot in both Europe and Asia in one destination.

These are just a few fascinating destinations where you can go to for a once in a lifetime holiday. Just remember to make the most out of the experience. Explore and have a great time in discovering the beauty of each destination. Take as many pictures as you can to serve as a memory of your once in a lifetime holiday.

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