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Emilia Romagna Food Travel Guide

Over the last 15 years, we’ve been to over 15 cities and towns in Italy.  We have fallen in love with the country. Italy was one of the first countries we visited overseas – Ireland was first to visit family. Italy was second. When living in Chicago we took Italian language classes. We considered buying property in Italy for years. 

After watching the No Reservation episode with Anthony Bourdain touring Emilia Romagna, I felt like I understood what to expect during our time traveling the region. But, nothing prepared us for what we learned about the food in Emilia Romagna. I could not have anticipated we would return to the region, 4 times in 18 months.


Emilia Romagna is a large region that reaches from Rimini on the east coast almost to Milan.  It encompasses Bologna (home of lasagne), Modena (home of traditional balsamic vinegar), Parma (home to Prosciutto ham), and Reggio-Emilia (which gives its name to Parmagiano-Reggiano).  In addition, there is a little town to the west called Piacenza, home to pancetta. I haven’t even mentioned the white truffles!  It is a must-visit region for any foodie!  And, a region we will continue to explore.

Food Traveler's Guide to Emilia Romagna

The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna

If you are serious about traveling to Emilia Romagna in search of the best food in Italy, check out my book: The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna: How to taste the history and tradition of Italy.

My new The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna can help you plan the perfect trip through the breadbasket of Italy. In a full 250 pages of culinary guide book yumminess, I walk through the key products of the region, and how to taste them. Yes, that means there is an entire chapter on topics such as cheese, meat, pasta, and even gelato! Part II of the book explores the wines of Emilia Romagna, and how to taste them.

If, by the end of Part II you are not either: 1) drooling all over your copy of The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna; or 2) booking your flight to Bologna, Part III includes the practical side of exploring Emilia Romagna for food. This includes how to get to Emilia Romagna, how to get around, where to stay, and, most important: Where to eat in Emilia Romagna!

We’ve shared so much of our journey eating and drinking in Emilia Romagna throughout this blog, but I wanted to offer something a little more. A road map to exploring the best food in Italy!

Click here to purchase The Food Traveler’s Guide to Emilia Romagna on Amazon now! Available in both Kindle and Paperback versions.

Italian Wine

Emilia Romagna Travel Tips

Even though this is an Emilia Romagna food travel guide, there is more to traveling in Emilia Romagna than food.  We had some great travel experiences, and I wanted to share my tips on how to travel through this region in Italy.

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Italian Wine Tourism in Emilia Romagna

Traveling around this part of Italy for cuisine doesn’t stop with the Emilia Romagna food, they have amazing wines as well!

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Emilia Romagna food

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Emilia Romagna Food

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