Hurawalhi – A Luxury Overwater Villa In The Maldives

I’ve dreamed about an overwater villa in the Maldives every since I first hear about the island nation over a decade ago. Sometimes, dreams do come true.

Hurawalhi Maldives overwater villa

Friends of ours honeymooned in The Maldives about 15 years ago. Before their wedding, I had never even heard of the country. They told us all about it, showed us photos, and since then, I have been wanting to travel to the Maldives.

The Maldives is famous for being an island nation. There are over 1,100 islands of varying sizes, spread across the Indian Ocean. Every single island, including the capital in Malé, is tiny. Very tiny. To make the most of space, resorts began building platforms and jetties with overwater bungalows that jut out into the sea. The same went for Hurawalhi Maldives.

Everything at Hurawalhi was fresh and new. We arrived on their fourth day of operation. And, yes, there was a new resort smell to the place. After registering at the sand-filled reception area, staff whisked us on a golf cart to our Ocean Pool Villa. We rode past the soon to be finished football pitch and tennis courts, and along the back side of the spa and the restaurants. Then, the buggy turned around a bend, and all I could see were stunning, wooden overwater villas.

overwater villa the Maldives At the end of the beach path, and at the island’s edge, the buggy bumped onto a narrow wooden jetty, with clear blue water on either side. We jetted past more that a dozen overwater villas before arriving at ours, almost at the end of the path. Our driver deposited us at Villa 245, and overwater villa, with a private pool, overlooking the Indian Ocean.

overwater villa the Maldives

Entering an Overwater Villa in the Maldives

Our driver attempted to gives us a tour of the room. Eric was paying attention, which was a bit of a surprise. I was half paying attention. My eyes just kept focusing on the view from the overwater villa.

Our villa had a soft and fluffy king sized bed. At the foot of the bed there was a couch and a coffee table with fruits, macaroons, and a bottle of Champagne. But, my eyes were drawn beyond the Champagne, which alone is a surprise.

overwater villa the Maldives I pulled open the sliding doors and stepped onto the wood deck. Beyond our private swimming pool, all I could see was layers of blue. Clear blue water close to the villa. A dark, deeper blue beyond that. In the middle was a sliver of white sand, with a private beach, a wooden shack, and even more light blue water. It was a layered effect of shallow and deep water. Of turquoise and dark blue. Of white sands, and the white tips of small waves. I was in heaven. This was everything I dreamed of from an overwater villa in the Maldives.

We obviously spent a good amount of time in our overwater villa. Sitting on the lounge chairs, taking a dip into our private pool, climbing down the ladder into the clear blue water, watching the fish, and even a large ray, swim around the villa. I took a few well deserved naps on the little outdoor couch. It was all quiet, and certainly relaxing. It was exactly what I hoped to do in the Maldives.

Dining in a Luxury Maldives Resort

overwater villa the Maldives We also took advantage of Hurawalhi, itself too, beyond the overwater villa. We ate most of our meals at Canneli, Hurawalhi’s main restaurant. Canneli offers an impressive buffet set up for three meals a day. The buffet spread was pretty intense, complete with fresh sushi, and creative, stunningly beautiful desserts.

What To Do in the Maldives Hurawalhi

overwater villa the Maldives We dined at Aquarium as well, Hurawalhi’s a la carte dining option. Aquarium is set on the edge of a jetty, surrounded on almost all sides by the clear blue waters. During the evening, the restaurant receives refreshing breezes off the Indian Ocean. But, the real treat is dining at Aquarium during the day. Luxury dining with the views of the ocean, and fish running fly-bys every few minutes.

overwater villa the Maldives

We even dined underwater at 5.8 Restaurant, the largest underwater restaurant in the Maldives. This was an entirely unique dining experience, and one worthy of its own coming post.

We enjoyed glasses of Prosecco at the Champagne Pavilion, set on the edge of the pier that housed our overwater villa, during sunset.

What to do in the Maldives Hurawalhi

We enjoyed tropical cocktails in the afternoon at Coco Bar, enjoying the view from the infinity pool over the blue sea. The bluest water I’ve ever seen in my life. This experience left me saying over and over again, “this is so freaking beautiful.”

overwater villa the Maldives

Relaxing at a Luxury Maldives Resort

overwater villa the Maldives I know many of our readers think we live quite a charmed life. And if you didn’t know us outside of this post, you’d be right to assume that. But, we really haven’t taken a break since before our #USChowDown trip in August.

In fact, we’ve been under a lot of stress recently as we are once again faced with a challenge of how we make this life sustainable. Our main business, which has been covering our expenses for two years now, is in its twilight. We are stressed about how to cover our expenses for 2017. We knew that this trip to the Maldives was a chance for us to rest and recuperate before the big push over the next few months to really buckle down and, basically, start a new business.

On our second morning at Hurawalhi, I woke sore. Head to toe sore. I assumed it was from snorkeling the prior day. But, Eric was sore as well, and he didn’t snorkel. I felt like I had been run over, and it was not because of a hard work out at the on-island gym. We quickly realized we were both so sore because we had let go. I released all of the stress of the last several months.

Check out our luxury travel video about our stay in an overwater villa in the Maldives:

A few weeks before our visit to the Maldives, we had a few days at Amatara Phuket, a luxury wellness resort in Thailand. I enjoyed our visit, and it was a great break from the big city in Bangkok, but I did not come close to relaxing as much there as I did in the Maldives. But, what was it about the Maldives that made it so relaxing? Perhaps the distance. The remoteness. The uniqueness. The sheer beauty. All of the above?

One thing was certain, I was happy to have lived my luxury dream of an overwater villa in the Maldives, even if only for a few days.

Rooms at Hurawali start around $700. Our Ocean Pool Villa starts at $850 a night, or $1499 a night for the All Inclusive Plus rate. They offer rates in between for room and breakfast, or half board, or full board. Seaplane transfer is $360 roundtrip per person.

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Hurawalhi Overwater Villa The Maldives We were supported by Hurawalhi and Crown and Champa Resorts, but all of my “mmmmm I’m relaxed” sounds are, as always, my own.


  1. Maldives is such a Paradise. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed reading it. Keep sharing.

  2. These over water villa looks great.Looks like the great place for relax and a amazing place for honeymoon. Really enjoy the article and and video. Thank you for the sharing this amazing journey with us. Cheers.

    • It was simply amazing! Would recommend it to anyone!


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