One of our favorite things to do when traveling to tropical locations is to enjoy a little cocktail at sunset. While staying at the Outrigger Resorts in the Maldives, we took our sunset experience one step farther. We spent one of our last nights on the island enjoying a Maldives sunset dinner, with toes in the sand.

Maldives sunset dinner

Maldives Sunset at Outrigger Resorts

Maldives sunset dinner While we waited for the sun to set in the Maldives, we relaxed on specially set lounge chairs, set just for us. We sipped glasses of sparkling wine and waited for the sun to set. I’d like to say we sat and simply enjoyed the sunset. But, as people who know us can guess, we spent the time snapping photos and capturing video of the stunning sky.

Maldives sunset dinner It seemed that every few minutes the sky changed color, as did the area surrounding the elaborate table that the Outrigger staff set up for us.

Maldives sunset dinner

At first, we drank our sparkling wine as the pinks and blues took over the sky. Then, as the dusk set and the full moon peeked out, our table set up became even more romantic in the Maldives.

Maldives sunset dinner

Maldives sunset dinner

Once the sun set beyond the horizon, we sat down to start our meal. Yes, the sunset was stunning. But, what I was most excited about? Enjoying a luxury meal, with wine pairings, in the Maldives, with sand between the toes. We didn’t even wear our shoes out for dinner that night. In fact, we were able to walk out the front door of our beach villa straight to our waterfront dinner table.

Maldives Sunset Meal

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the meal Outrigger served for our Maldives sunset dinner. Chef Chris Long prepared a special meal for us, knowing we were foodies. We started with a selection meze style appetizers, including a crisp gazpacho, fresh salmon, and local tuna tartare.

Maldives sunset dinner

Maldives sunset dinner

After our starters, Chef Chris served a watermelon granita, spiked with ice cold prosecco. It was the perfect palate cleanser before our giant main course.

Maldives sunset dinner

Maldives sunset dinner

Our main course included a giant platter of surf and turf, complete with perfectly cooked lobster and filet. Fresh ravioli and grilled vegetables propped up the lobster.

Maldives sunset dinner

Although I could barely come close to finishing the main platter, Chef Chris sent out a selection of desserts. While at Outrigger, Chef Chris was in the process of changing their entire dinner menu, including the desserts. He used us as guinea pigs to try out new desserts. In this case, we tried a half dozen new desserts, including a creamy, layered chocolate mousse, and a caramel fudge brownie.

Maldives sunset dinner

During each course, the food and beverage manager, Aslam, was proud to present a selection of Chilean wines he chose for each course. By the end, I was stuffed silly, so much so that I couldn’t even finish my last glass of wine. Luckily, Aslam reminded us that our villa was only steps away. And, he even suggested we bring our wine with us. Perfect idea.

Check out the YouTube Video of our romantic sunset dinner in the Maldives:


Our “Professional Photographer”

One more interesting event occurred while we sat sipping wine and dining on lobster with our toes in the sand. Once darkness hit, two Outrigger staff approached our table. They informed us they were Outrigger’s “professional photographers.” I assumed they had a camera and wanted to take a photo of us for the resort’s social media or something. But, instead of a camera, they were only armed with a six-foot tall ladder.

Now, it is almost pitch black. We have a handful of lights set up around us, and it was a full moon that night. But, other than that, it was dark. Our professional photographer grabbed my Samsung Galaxy S7. His cohort held a ladder in a few different spots, while the photographer climbed to the very tip top of the ladder and snapped some photos.

Maldives sunset dinner The entire time I thought, there was no way he was going to get a decent photo, with my mobile phone, in the dark. But, he was one talented fellow (and the Samsung 7 is pretty good in low light). I was impressed with how amazing the photos were. We rarely get great photos of the two of us together. Having our professional photographer on hand made our Maldives sunset dinner that much more special.

GHA Local Experiences

Maldives sunset dinner I’m not sure whether the Maldives sunset dinner is a typical upgrade that is available at the Outrigger Maldives. Outrigger Resorts is part of GHA, the Global Hotel Alliance. GHA is a group of independent luxury hotel brands around the world. As part of the GHA loyalty program, DISCOVERY, certain guests can request Local Experiences. These experiences can be focused on romance, shopping, wellness, or tours. For example, when we stayed at Niccolo Chengdu, the hotel offered us a Chengdu food tour as a Local Experience where we ate amazing Sichuan food. Local Experiences are offered at different levels depending on the guest’s status within the loyalty program.

Our Maldives sunset dinner was a romantic GHA local experience offering. We are Platinum level with GHA, so this was one of the experiences we could redeem while staying at Outrigger. Pretty cool loyalty perk!

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Maldives sunset dinner

Beach pool villa rooms at Outrigger Maldives on the All-inclusive plan start at $899 a night. For a room and breakfast for 2 people, rooms start at $665. Roundtrip air and sea transfers to the Outrigger Maldives is $490 per person. We were hosted by Outrigger during our stay, but all opinions are my own.

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