Madrid’s Museo del Jamon

One of our favorite places in Madrid, Spain, became the Museo del Jamon.  For two pork lovers (one of us a little more addicted than the other) it was heaven on a plate – a “museum” of ham.  

Museo del Jamon

Museo del Jamon – BEST Museum Ever

Well, not quite a museum in the traditional sense, the Museo del Jamon was a chain of Spanish restaurants in Madrid that focused on ham products. It was good that it was not a museum, because we generally try to avoid museums all together.  This was one museum we could not keep ourselves away from.

We saw the Museo on our first night in Madrid.  We tried to walk in as our first tapas bar, but on a Friday night the place was packed to the brim.  It was intimidating.  I did not know where to start.

After a few stops elsewhere – and after practicing my “Spanish” – the Museo had died down a bit, and we were able to secure a spot at the bar.  The atmosphere was electric as well – there was a buzz to the place, even with the bright lighting and hundreds of legs of cured ham hanging from the wall.  

Museo del Jamon


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I tried to read some of the signs and pricing and figured we could order two glasses of beer for 2E, and a large plate of jamon serrano – thin sliced cured ham for only 3E.  We were in heaven on earth.  To top it off, the two beers came with a small piece of bread with more ham inside.  It was incredible.

Museo Del Jamon The Museo quickly became a must do on each of our nights in Madrid.  

And, my Spanish was getting good enough to even joke with the employees.  One night we were stuffed from good eating, and I declined the free tapas that came with the beers.  The gentleman asked me if I was sure, and in my broken Spanish I told him that we were not hungry, but we were just hungry enough for a plate of ham as dessert.  He laughed.  Success!  Ah, the Museo del Jamon. One of my favorite things to do in Madrid.

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