A Week In a Luxury Mauritius Resort

I realize I say this a lot about trips that we take, or meals that we eat, but in the case of Mauritius, I really had no idea what to expect. Having taking our first trip to the Maldives last year, Mauritius was really just another island on my Indian Ocean bucket list. But, what I found out was that we were headed for a luxury Mauritius resort, with way more to do than I anticipated, and with character entirely different from the Maldives.

Heritage Le Telfair Mauritius Resort


Planning For Our Week in Mauritius

I let Eric plan this trip. I was busy working on launching our online social media training school right up until the very end. In this case, a PR company asked if we wanted to promote a trip to Mauritius just after our business launch. We jumped on the opportunity for a well needed holiday at a Mauritius resort.

luxury Mauritius resort Heritage Le Telfair And, because Eric did all the planning, choosing the flights, and everything else. I knew nothing about Mauritius before we arrived, other than a quick WikiTravel search. And, I kind of liked it that way. I was so unknowledgeable that a few days before we left, I had to do a Google Maps search to see exactly where the island was. I knew “off the coast of Africa” but that was about it. In my mind, I expected an island similar to the Maldives. But, I could not be further from the truth.

Mauritius is a predominantly Hindu island, and a religious and cultural melting pot. It’s colonial history includes influences from the Dutch, the French, and the British. The architecture is inspired by all of these influences, as is the cuisine, making the foods in Mauritius more Creole, or a mix of flavors from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

And, because I did not plan or research, I was entirely surprised about our stay at our Mauritius resort.

The “All New” Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort

luxury Mauritius resort Heritage Le Telfair

We spent our week in Mauritius at the Heritage Le Telfair, which is part of Heritage Resorts. Located on the south end of the island, the Le Telfair is sandwiched between the beautiful blue sea and the mountains behind. Even though there are a handful of hotels along the south coast, it felt remote, and exclusive.

Although the Heritage Le Telfair has been around for over a decade, they just finished a huge, property wide renovation. Everything was spic and span, and just, really lovely.

Unlike many of the resorts we’ve experienced in Thailand or Bali, the Heritage Le Telfair is in a sugar plantation style, fairly unique among Mauritius resorts. And, I just loved it. The white wood and wrapping balconies. And, the rooms themselves were lovely.

Check out our video of Heritage Le Telfair, a luxury Mauritius resort:

Le Chateau at Heritage Resorts

luxury Mauritius resort - Heritage Resorts One of the most unique things about this Mauritius resort is that part of Heritage Resorts includes an historic, 19th century sugar plantation, with a recently renovated “Le Chateau.” The building is beautiful, with patios that wrap around almost the entire building, with views over the gardens and out to the mountains.  The attention to detail in the renovation was remarkable, with the building filled to the brim with restored island antiques.

But, for us, the best part was being about to dine there in the evenings. The restaurant holds only a handful of tables, so it is one of the most exclusive dining experiences at Heritage Resorts. We started with a private wine tasting, with their very knowledgable sommelier, in their wine cellar.

Hertiage Resorts Le Chateau Mauritius resort Then, we dined at a large table, surrounded by Mauritian history, on a French-inspired meal, with amazing wines. I certainly was not expecting this from a tropical Mauritius resort.

When To Book a Luxury Mauritius Resort

Heritage Le Telfair luxury Mauritius Resort I was surprised by so much at the Heritage Le Telfair, from the architecture and rooms, to the Creole cuisine (at a dozen resort restaurants), to the location. But, our lack of planning also meant that we were a little caught off guard with the weather. I think I assumed that the island would be more tropical, like the Maldives, which is warm all year long.

But, Mauritius is closer to South Africa, and experiences the seasons, more than the tropical resorts we’ve stayed at over the last few years. We experience some very windy weather, including while hiking in the Heritage Resorts nature preserve. Our early October stay was in the shoulder season, what would be considered the spring in Mauritius. My recommendation: book a trip to Mauritius between November and May, although the height of the high season can be very hot.

We were still able to enjoy the beach and the water, and were thankful for the heated pool just a few feet from our room, but if you love the hot weather, book in their summer, which is winter in the northern hemisphere.

Where to Stay in Mauritius

Heritage Le Telfair luxury Mauritius Resort Heritage Resorts includes three Mauritius resort options, the newly renovated Heritage Le Telfair, where we stayed, and which I would recommend whole-heartedly. Next door is the Heritage Awali, an all-inclusive Mauritius resort option. The two resorts share their 12 restaurants (which also includes Le Chateau, and the nearby Golf Club).

Heritage Awali is a little less expensive, and more family friendly, whereas the Heritage Le Telfair is more elegant, and it felt more exclusive. I felt under dressed almost every evening, which I don’t tend to feel at Thai beach resorts, for example. Heritage Le Telfair definitely exuded an elegant French feeling more than I anticipated.

Heritage Le Telfair luxury Mauritius resort The third option at Heritage Resorts includes renting a private villa up in the hills, with views over the water and their nature reserve. I would love to grab some friends and enjoy some luxury at the villas, with a private pool, butler and staff. And, each villa comes with a golf cart to get around the resort.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at our stay. There was loads to do at Heritage Resorts, and around the island, to keep anyone busy. We ate well, and learned a lot about Mauritius, even while on the resort. And, there was plenty of time and opportunity to do just about nothing.

Garden View Suites at Heritage Le Telfair start around €115 per person, per night. They also offer half board and all-inclusive style packages.

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about the Heritage Le Telfair at TripAdvisor

We were hosted by Heritage Resorts during our holiday in Mauritius, but all views are, as always, my own.

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