Settling Back Home in Bali

It is no secret that we have come to love Ubud, Bali.  It was a little bit of a shocker, having always considered ourselves big city people, that we ended up making our home in Bali, Indonesia.  In fact, we were so excited to get back to Bali, that we canceled our trip to Israel, pushed up our flights out of Jordan, changed our itinerary to skip Bangkok, and instead flew Amman to Kuala Lumpur, to try our shot at a 60 day visa.

During our first trip to Bali in 2013, we received a 60 day visa in KL with no problems and no questions asked.  The Indonesian embassy, though, is getting a bit more strict.  Friends of ours on a visa run to KL a few months ago were denied.  When we applied this time, the consular staff were very honest saying that we might be denied as well, because we have spent so much time in Bali so far.  

But, after a restless weekend, waiting to hear the results, we picked up our 60 day visas and were pleased as punch! We spent the next couple of days in KL working, and feeling a little like we were in a purgatory, just waiting for the next stage of our lives to begin.  To begin settling back home in Bali.

Then, after our crazy stupid arrival at Denpasar airport, we checked into Casa Ganesha quite late. We hoped for better luck in the morning.  We woke the following day, had a decent breakfast, and started to look for a new home.

Living in BaliWe changed locations to a home stay in the village of Kutuk Kaja, close to some friends of ours, and we tried to get into a routine, while looking for a place to live long term.  Within a week, we were back to our old routine.

We were back to yoga within a few days, and managed to practice yoga 8 times in 8 days, taking classes with all of our favorite Yoga Barn teachers.  The front desk staff welcomed us back as well.  It was not until we took a class with Bex, though, that we felt truly home in Bali.  She just has that way about her.  She kept announcing to the class how excited she was that we were back.  And, this is what I love about Ubud.

We were quickly welcomed back to Anomali coffee, and I returned to my old seat at the high top table, with my lattes served with pretty little flower designs in the foam.  I even reclaimed my mayorship on Foursquare at Taco Casa (although it took a few visits in that first week to make it happen).

Living in Bali

Living in BaliWe were back eating at our favorite padang, where Eric is friendly with the parking guy outside. I was back to enjoying my super-antioxidant smoothie at Little K and fresh papaya and bananas for breakfast.  I was back to an almost daily coconut ritual.

I was writing again, Eric was working again.  We met with friends for lunch and dinner.  Eric even got his exact same motorbike rental as before from his motorbike guy.

Living in BaliWe were happy to be back to our routine, back to the rice paddies, and country roads, and tropical weather.  We were back to the chirping of the geckos and the sounds of the roosters.  And, most of all, we were happy to be back home in Bali. 

2 thoughts on “Settling Back Home in Bali

  1. Keith says:

    I am interested to read about your time in Jordan. I was there a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it except for the snow. Good to know you received your visa without a problem for your return to Indonesian and are back enjoying Ubud.

  2. Amber Hoffman says:

    Keith, I have so much written on Jordan already, and the posts will be coming in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! But, I have a feeling some people are going to be surprised by what I say.

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