Lisbon – the City of Seven Hills

Lisbon, Portugal, is the city of the seven hills, and my legs certainly felt it.  There was no way to go from one place to another without heading up a hill.  The entire trip was one giant aerobic exercise, with periodic stops for fantastic food and drink.  It didn’t help that even when we stopped for food, we were often left eating while standing!

Did I enjoy the hills?  Well…. maybe not so much.  But, the sights were worth it. 

Aside from it’s reputation of being a city of seven hills, I also knew Lisbon is a gorgeous city, with gorgeous food.  I had been wanting to go to Portugal for years, and was happy to be greeted by just what I expected.

The city of seven hills is loaded with beautifully tiled buildings in intricate mosaic designs.  It often seemed from the angle of the tiles that the roads were even more steep than in reality.

City of Seven Hills

We saw brightly painted buildings, in every shade, but there is something special about a red building, I am not sure exactly what it is.

City of Seven Hills

Mosaic style sidewalks and plazas with small black and white stones laid in intricate designs seemed to greet us at the top of each hill.

Lisbon.Portugal.3 City of Seven Hills

Elegant, large plazas, with gorgeous fountains, set on a bright blue sky, made the hills worth while – a place to sit for a minute and catch my breath. 

City of Seven Hills Historic street cars climbed the hills and circled the city, including the famous tram number 28, many in energetic, if aging yellow paint.  We even saw some youngsters hanging off the back, trying to score a free ride.  They probably did not want to climb one of those famous seven hilss. 

City of Seven Hills

But, oh my, my butt.  I think if I lived in Lisbon, the city of seven hills, I would have an amazing rear.  That is certainly one reason to move there, and perhaps we will someday in the future.

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