I was nervous when we landed in Hong Kong, particularly because I felt pretty bad for a good chunk of our Cathay Pacific Business Class flight from Chicago.  But, we quickly made our way to the city via the 24-minute train, and a quick shuttle bus to the Holiday Inn on Nathan Road, in the heart of Kowloon.

Our initial goal was to eat and drink all night in Hong Kong, and to skip getting a hotel room.  As our time in the US came to a close, though, cooler heads prevailed, and we realized this would have been a really bad idea.  So, we booked a room at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile, just up the road from the Sheraton Hong Kong, where we have stayed during past trips.  That way, we were in a neighborhood we knew, and we could find good Hong Kong food shortly after arriving.

A nice hot shower made up for the ill feeling from the flight and we were out on Nathan Road in no time, heading over to one of our favorite places, Rice Noodle House in the hear of Tim Sha Tsui.  Rice Noodle House has some of the spiciest noodle soups we have ever eaten, I mean the stuff of legend.  I had been looking forward to it for weeks.  Eric wasn’t sure his belly could handle spicy hell-fire noodles, and I knew after how I felt the last 15 hours, he was probably right.  So, we passed on the noodle house.

Instead, we went to a casual spot known for its Macau specialties, where we ate our first 3 pork dishes of the night:

A Macau style pork sandwich

Hong Kong Food

Double fried pork with dry chillies

Hong Kong Food

String beans with chili and pork

Hong Kong Food

Yep, even our vegetable dish had pork in it.  All three dishes were fabulous and just what the doctor ordered.  Problem was:  I was stuffed already, and I had so much more I wanted to Hong Kong food I wanted to eat.

After dinner number one, we walked for about 20 minutes, you know, to walk off the meal, and quickly ended up at a barbecue place just down the road, where we had our next 3 pork dishes of the night:

Crispy pork

Hong Kong Food

BBQ pork

Hong Kong Food

Pork wonton noodle soup

Hong Kong Food

We only waited a few minutes for our dishes.  But, that was enough time to engage in some talk of eating more after.  As soon as I took my first bite of our fourth dish, I knew I was toast.  In the end, we ate 6 dishes in a little more than an hour.  I was stuffed, and was happy to make it to bed, with a belly full of pork. There is nothing like a little gluttony in Hong Kong. After all, the perfect way to spend a layover in this city, is to spend it with Hong Kong food!  It is the way the city should be experienced. 

How do you make the most of a layover?

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