One of the benefits of renting a luxury villa in Koh Samui is having someone respond to some of our special requests. It’s like having a private concierge and butler, all wrapped into one. When we wanted to escape the villa one night for dinner at the Four Seasons Koh Samui, Thailand, our staff was more than willing to cooperate. So, our little group got fancied up and headed out for a luxury dining experience at KOH Thai Kitchen and Bar.

KOH Thai Kitchen

Our villa manager arranged a driver to take our group down to the Four Seasons Koh Samui, one of the most luxurious resorts on the island of Koh Samui. We arrived at the grand entrance, just after dark. It was unfortunate that we couldn’t catch a view of the resort during the day, because it’s supposed to be incredible. Rooms and villas are set up into the hillside, all with stunning views over the Gulf of Thailand.

From the main lobby, all five of us hopped in an oversized golf cart for the journey down the hill, and back up again, until we arrived at the entrance of KOH Thai Kitchen. In typical Four Seasons style, the architecture of the building was stunning, open air with opulent wood finishes and romantic lighting.

Luxury Cocktails at KOH Bar

KOH Thai Kitchen As soon as we walked into KOH Bar, the first thing I noticed was the glowing display of bottles behind the bar. Our journey started at the bar, where the bartenders made us a series of signature cocktails. One of the best things about traveling in a group is getting to try a lot more dishes, and drinks, than just the two of us could handle. The bad side: trying to pass around five gorgeous drinks while attempting to look classy. Harder than it seemed.

Our signature cocktails were each more beautiful than the last, with names like the Koh Cooler and Tropical Rise. I was impressed with the Shak Aretto, which included Kettle One vodka and an orange Italian liquor, Aperol, which we totally love when traveling in Italy.

KOH Thai Kitchen The Koh Cooler, though, was the most impressive. It included matoom, which is generally used to make bael tea, something I had not heard of before. In this case, it was not only added to the cocktail but also used to garnish the drink, which was served in a mason jar. It was one of my favorites of the night.

KOH Thai Kitchen We took our drinks and a series of canapés to our table. The chef greeted us, to see whether we had any food restrictions or allergies. We quickly informed her we eat everything, and to surprise us. She complied.

Luxury Thai Dining at KOH Thai Kitchen

KOH Thai Kitchen KOH Thai Kitchen is the epitome of Thai fine dining at the Four Seasons Koh Samui. The menu is obviously Thai but includes some fusion elements as well. Our meal focused a little more on the traditional, with dishes including local fish and shrimp pastes, and descriptions that included what part of Thailand inspired the dish. 

After finishing our signature cocktails, we moved on to Thai wine. Yes, Thai wine. We started with a bottle of sparkling rose from Monsoon Valley, and moved onto a Shiraz from the same winemaker. Each of the wines was produced in Hua Hin, along the coast south of Bangkok. Much like tasting some of the Indian wines we had in New Delhi, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of each bottle. The shiraz, in particular, was a great accompaniment to the spicy Thai dishes from KOH Thai Kitchen.

A perfect example of the fusion elements included larb tuna. Larb is a traditional, and very popular, Thai dish. Often made with pork, the meat is marinated in Thai herbs, and tossed with fresh greens, and cracked rice. At the KOH Thai Kitchen, the larb was made with fresh tuna, tartare style. It was easily one of the runaway dishes of the night. We liked it so much, we ordered a second plate.

KOH Thai Kitchen Lemongrass marinated chicken skewers were served, tableside, on a small table top grill, to keep them warm.

KOH Thai Kitchen My personal favorite dish was the banana flower salad, which was tossed in a yogurt style dressing and Thai seasonings. Banana flower salad, or banana blossom salad, is made with the leaves of the banana plant. It’s a popular dish in Vietnam, but harder to find in Thailand. For me, there is a crispness to the shredded banana flowers and a sweet and sour taste from the dressing and seasonings that just makes me fall in love every time I eat it. This dish at the KOH Thai Kitchen was certainly no different, with the added benefit that the plate looked a little like a work of art.

KOH Thai Kitchen The dishes continued, and I may even have lost track. We dined with our friends: Scott of Mr. Scott Eddy, Chris from TielandtoThailand, and Linda, our host from Onyx Realty. With a total of five people at the table, KOH Thai Kitchen might have gone a little overboard with the number of dishes.

We ate a fried, ground pork larb, a sea bass soup, grilled fish covered in chili and garlic, and more.

We also tried wok fried bindweed with garlic and egg or pak liang phad kai. I’d never had bindweed before, and frankly had never even heard of it. It was similar to a spinach or kale, but thicker, and heavier. I was stuffed by the end.

KOH Thai Kitchen

And, the topping on the cake for our main courses was a massaman curry, made with beef cheek. I’ve never had a beef cheek curry, and this one was impressive. The beef cheek was tender, but rich, much like the massaman curry. The curry was also offset by tender chunks of sweet potatoes and carrots. It was a great dish, but perhaps a little too rich for the end of our meal.

KOH Thai Kitchen

Despite my very full belly, the chef then sent out a series of desserts. My all-time favorite Thai dessert, mango sticky rice, was dressed up with a cool coconut ice cream. 

They also surprised us with a series of Thai desserts, many of them made with rice flour and tapioca. Frankly, I am not generally a fan of traditional Thai desserts. But, they were fancied up at KOH Thai Kitchen, so they were lovely. By the end, I was ready to crawl back into our fancy bed at our luxury villa and pass out.

KOH Thai Kitchen We were excited for our fancy evening out, even if it meant leaving our private villa for a night. Although, it was hard to keep a group of travel bloggers and social media influencers away from their phones for a night. When I suggested we try to enjoy our meal and be “in the moment”, it  quickly earned me the new house nickname “mom.”

But, it’s not often that a chef prepares a luxury Thai tasting menu in such a gorgeous setting, and I wanted us all to appreciate the evening. I only hope I can return to the property, not only to dine again at KOH Thai Kitchen but to see and experience the Four Seasons Koh Samui during the day, when it really shines.

Onyx Realty hosted our luxury private villa stay and arranged our luxury dining experience at the Four Seasons Koh Samui. All yummy sounds are, as always, my own. Signature cocktails at KOH Bar, range around $12-14. Main courses range from $13-22.

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