Young Boy Celebrates Nyepi in Bali – Photo Essay

In the weeks leading up to Nyepi in Bali, Indonesia, the boys of Bali start preparing for the ogoh ogoh processions, building elaborate monsters to scare away the demons.

Nyepi in Bali There was one boy in particular who I became a little infatuated with.  He lives in our village, although I am not sure whose he is.  I just found him adorable.

I first noticed him in his red shirt and white udeng hanging around the smallest of the ogoh ogohs, just trying to take in what was going on around him.

Nyepi in Bali

Then, I noticed him climbing inside the bamboo holding platform that is used to carry the ogoh ogoh in the procession.

He was about half the size of the rest of the boys who were scheduled to carry the ogoh ogoh that night, but he didn’t care.  He desperately wanted to be there.  Helping.  Participating.

Nyepi in Bali Several times, the older boys practiced lifting and carrying the ogoh ogoh, and this little boy was right in the middle of it.  Several times the ogoh ogoh was lifted, and they lifted the little boy right off his feet, leaving him dangling a few inches above the ground.

Nyepi in Bali


Nyepi in Bali Finally, his mother pulled him out and away from potential danger.  I gave him a lot of credit though.  Cute little kid.


2 thoughts on “Young Boy Celebrates Nyepi in Bali – Photo Essay

  1. Emily says:

    Oh my goodness – the little dangling boy! Too adorable!

    So often in our travels we come across interesting little characters that we just stop to watch and who give us pause to question the thought process of kids. I love it!

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