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If you love world travel, this is the place for you. There is a whole world of travel lovers out there and we want you to join them. We we want to provide some travel ideas to help you travel more, whether it’s for business, pleasure, or if you are looking how to get paid to travel.

This page provides our top world travel tips and advice to help travel lovers learn to travel around the world. We’ve learned how to travel efficiently and effectively, after traveling to over 70 countries together.

Whether you are looking to find the top travel sites to help you travel or you have an interest in traveling long term, see below.

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Business Travel Resources for Travel Lovers

Business Travel World

How to Survive Jobs That Require Travel

I love travel, but when I had one of those jobs that required travel (i.e. that lawyer job of mine) I didn’t enjoy travel as much as I do now. The travel world was a little but cruel back then. Since that time, I’ve focused on learning how to to travel the world well, and this means flying business class and using business class lounges where I can.

Business Trip Travel Reviews:

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How to Travel The World for Travel Lovers

Get Paid to Travel

We’ve learned to combine work and travel in a way to make our travel blog and travel life more sustainable. Being a food travel blogger is a great job, even if it doesn’t pay as well as our former lives. We left good careers for one of the best jobs that involve travel. If you’re saying to yourself:  “I Want to Travel The World And Make Money.” It’s not easy, and it’s not glamorous. We spend more days working in our pajamas in front of the TV than sipping pina coladas in the Maldives.

But here are our top resources to get you started if you are looking for one of the best travel jobs.


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Jobs That Allow You To Travel

Food Travel Guide Travel Lovers

World Travel Videos for Travel Lovers

World Travel Guide

Our world travel guide also includes our YouTube Channel, because we want to inspire you to travel. The world of travel is one that is vast, and can be intimidating as well. We want every travel enthusiast to feel more comfortable when they travel.

Many travel lovers don’t have as much vacation time as they wish, so they are forced to make tough choices about where to travel. The benefit for us of having travel related jobs is that we can scour some of the top destinations, and some of the lesser known destinations, to provide advice on how to have the best travel experiences.

Our primary goal is to inspire people to start travel. And to explore new destinations, or to eat new foods. We want people to take the travel opportunity to get out of their comfort zone.

The traveler’s gift is that there is always a new destination and always a new corner of the world to explore.

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