We’ve visited more wineries while traveling than might be healthy for two people. Every time we visit a winery that we love we want to purchase a case of wine (maybe two). Now that we live surrounded by an amazing Catalan wine region, it’s not a problem. But, when we were traveling, there was always the problem of how to go traveling with wine. Whether driving with wine or flying with wine, a lot goes into figuring out what is the best wine travel bag, and that can include wine luggage or a wine suitcase. But it also can include a wine carrier bag, or just packing wine in a suitcase.

In this wine carrier bag buying guide, we are going to walk through how to pack wine bottles in a variety of ways. This will cover everything you need to know about taking wine on a plane, as well as advice on how to protect wine on the ground with a wine bottle carrying case.

The Best Wine Carrier Bag – Wine Suitcase and Wine Luggage Buying Guide

Buying Guide – Wine Suitcase and Wine Luggage

There is a lot that goes into bringing wine on a plane. Unfortunately, most international flights don’t permit wine in carry-on luggage unless it’s purchased from duty free. Whether you want to learn how to pack wine in luggage, or purchase official wine luggage that is made for transporting wine.

Below we cover in more detail the different wine bottle packing options, but if you are looking for some quick recommendations for a wine carrier bag, here are our top recommendations:

 Wine Carrier BagCategoryCapacityPrice FromBuy Now
CasePro 12 Bottle Wine Carrier with WheelsWine Luggage12 Bottles$360
VinGardeValise Wine Travel SuitcaseWine Luggage12 Bottles$299
Wine Bag - The Wine Check BagWine Bag12 Bottles$85
Insulated Wine Bottle ToteInsulated Wine Tote6 Bottles$47
WineHero - 6 Pack Reusable Bottle Protector Bag for TravelWine1-6 Bottles$27

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The Best Wine Carrier Suitcase

When looking for a serious wine travel case, there are a few options. Most of these are hard-sided wine travel suitcases. Rather than placing wine in checked luggage, for wine travelers who know they are going to be purchasing wine, a wine luggage carrier is a great choice. Admittedly, this is for some serious wine purchases, perhaps someone traveling to Bordeaux or Champagne. But, really, it can be for anyone who knows they will be buying 12 bottles of wine that they plan on checking, and want to bring home safely.

There are two primary types of wine carrying case that can be considered wine luggage. One looks like a typical wheeled luggage, and the other looks a little more hard-core. Both are hard sided, have wheels, and will protect even the most expensive wine.

This is the most serious of wine luggage options. The CasePro 12 Bottle Wine Carrier with Wheels holds 12 bottles, and is thermally insulated to keep the wine bottles at the perfect temperature during a flights. And, there is a wine accessory space to hold corkscrews, aerators, and other accessories that you can’t carry on. This wine luggage also works well for the traveling wine professional in addition to the wine traveler.

CasePro 12 Bottle Wine Carrier With Wheels

Another option for a wine bottle carrier that is less for a wine professional, and more for a wine collector, looks and acts like traditional luggage, but it can, of course, hold wine. The VinGardeValise Wine Travel Suitcase is one of the best wine luggage options on the market. It’s super slick, with 360 degree spinner wheels. It holds up to 12 bottles of wine, or 10 bottles of wine and two Champagne-sized bottles.

VinGardeValise Wine Suitcase

Wine Tote Bag

If looking for something a little more like a wine bag than wine luggage, this Wine Check Wine Bag is approved by the US FAA to be checked as wine luggage. The wine bag is collapsible making it easy to take during the outgoing flight, it’s reusable, and lightweight, weighing under 5 pounds. And, even when packed with a full 12 bottles, the bag will still be under the 50-pound luggage limit for most airlines. The wine bag also has wheels to make it easy to transport.

12 Bottle Wine Check Wine Bottle Bags

Recommended Wine Cooler Bag

This wine carrier bag is more for on-the-ground travel. A wine bottle cooler bag allows you to travel with crisp, cold wine for any occasion. This insulated wine bag holds holds six bottles of wine in a water- resistant bag. And, the liner can be removed to transform it from a wine carrier bag to a traditional beverage cooler.

6 Wine Bottle Insulated Wine Tote

Wine Sleeves for Airplane Travel

The other wine travel solutions and wine carrier bag options are pretty intense for serious wine travelers (of which we are proud members). But sometimes it makes more sense to consider packing wine in a suitcase instead of purchasing a wine suitcase to travel with. Many people who purchase wine while traveling might only travel with a bottle or two. Or, they might be traveling with a bottle of gin or other liquor. In this case, the solution is more similar to how to package wine for shipping – carefully.

These are some of the handiest tools out there. They are like wine bubble wrap, and how fun does that sound? There are different kinds of wine bottle travel protectors that can be placed inside your own luggage. And, this one in particular, let’s you be a Wine Hero.

These are a safe solution that is the perfect alternative to attempting to wrap a single wine bottle in loads of plastic bags at the last minute. They are almost like bubble wrap, where the wine traveler just slides the bottle into the sleeve and seals it shot. The wine bottle protector is then sealed at the bottom, which not only protects the wine bottle from breaking, as well as guarantees no spillage. They pack flat until they are ready to use, which makes them easy to travel with on the outgoing flight. They also work for liquor bottles, olive oil, vinegar, and other liquid food souvenirs. Last, they can be used on the ground as well when transporting bottles to ensure they arrive safely.

WineHero – 6 Pack Reusable Leak Proof Bottle Protector Bag for Travel

FAQs – How to Pack Wine – Traveling With Wine Bottles

  • How many bottles in a case of wine? This is important to know when thinking about transporting wine. It depends on the location of the winery. When we lived in the US we received regular shipments from wine clubs, many of which included 12 bottles of wine in a case. In Europe though, and particularly in Spain and Italy, many wineries offer a 6 wine bottle case. This is important to understand only when ordering wine for shipment rather than traveling with wine bottles.
  • Can you bring wine on a plane? There used to be more than one way to take wine on a plane. Now, it’s only possible to travel with a wine bottle in checked luggage.
  • Can you bring a bottle of wine carry on? This is pretty much answered by can you take wine on a plane, above. Currently, due to security concerns and limits on liquids in carry-on luggage for international flights you can no longer pack wine in carry-on luggage. So, yes, you can take a bottle of wine on a plane, but only in checked luggage.

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