What to Do in Chengdu

What to do in Chengdu

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. Before going to Chengdu, China, I had no idea what there would be to do in Chengdu. I associated Chengdu with pandas, spicy food, and nothing more. I was stunned to learn just how much there is to do in Chengdu.

So What is There To Do in Chengdu?

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Of course I will say some of the must dos in Chengdu include pandas and spicy food, but there is more to do in Chengdu than that!

This is just a little teaser on what there is to do in Chengdu, because I will be sharing a lot more details on a lot of these experiences over the coming weeks. So, if this list doesn’t provide enough specific information, stay tuned!

Experience Panda Conservation

to do in Chengdu

There are several ways to see the pandas in Chengdu, including visiting some of the panda parks that are only thirty minutes outside of Chengdu. We figured that this could be our only trip to hang with the pandas in Chengdu, and we wanted to make the most of it. We wanted to get up close and personal, and we did.

We arranged a day as volunteers with the Dujiangyan panda base, about 90 minutes outside of Chengdu. It was a full day program, cost $100 a person, and was well worth it. We got right up close to the pandas and had a much more interactive experience than some of the other panda centers.

In order to volunteer, it is necessary to contact the center via email well ahead of time. There is an application and a medical form as well, to show the volunteer is healthy enough to interact with the pandas.

I promise I will write a lot more about our panda volunteer experience, complete with video, in the coming weeks.

Day Trip to the Leshan Giant Buddha

to do in Chengdu

Our friend who works with Marco Polo Hotels, who was recently in Chengdu, told us about the Leshan Giant Buddha. He warned it was a full day trip from Chengdu, but well worth it. He was right. Once we arrived we realized we had seen this giant buddha on a travel TV show. It’s over 70 meters high, or 233 feet tall, and is carved out of the mountainside.

We entered from the top of the mountain, walked all the way down to the feet of the buddha, and, yes, walked all the way back up. All well worth it, even in the summer heat. We’ve never seen a buddha like this before.

The entrance to the Leshan Giant Buddha costs about $10. The hotel arranged for a car to drive the four of us out and back, offered an English speaking guide, and prepared a packaged lunch for us to eat in Leshan. It was nice getting back into an air conditioned vehicle to drive us back after the buddha trek. We all promptly passed out, after snacking on our luxury lunch box, which included fresh tomato and basil salads and sandwiches. The total for everything was approximately $300 (transport, English guide, tickets, and lunch for 4 people), which is not too bad considering the trip takes 2 hours each way.

Chengdu Food Tour

to do in Chengdu

We’ve been on food tours all over Asia and Europe. They can be a great way to see a city while eating loads of typical local dishes. The folks over at Lost Plate food tours took the experience to a whole new level. Not only did we zoom around the city on tuk tuks, but we climbed through the window to get to one of the restaurants, and finished the night at a bar on the 21st floor of a high rise building over looking the city. Our tour guide, Ella, was fabulous, energetic, and knowledgable, making sure we had a great experience. I cannot recommend the Lost Plate food tour enough.

The Lost Plate Chengdu Food Tour runs daily at 7pm, and can be booked for $50 on their website. Pricing is based on two people, and includes the private tuk tuk ride, a pick up from centrally located hotels, and four to five stops. They also include unlimited cans of beer!

People’s Park for Tea and Ear Cleaning

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This is why we watch travel shows to do our research. First, we saw the Leshan Giant Buddha on a travel show. It is also where we learned about Chinese ear cleaning. An ear cleaning expert (hopefully) comes to the table with long metal sticks and pokes around in your ear for a bit. What could be more fun than that? Or more dangerous?

I passed on the experience, but Eric, and our friend, Evo, from the Opportunistic Travelers sat down at People’s Park to see who had the dirtiest ears. Although the verdict is still out on that, it was a once in a lifetime experience. And, we enjoyed a lovely pot of local tea while enjoying the festivities.

People’s Park in Chengdu is easily accessible by Metro at the People’s Park Stop on Line 2. There are two tea gardens within the park. We stopped at Chirping Crane tea garden. Menus for both tea and the ear cleaning were provided in English, and included pricing. This was great because we didn’t need to haggle on pricing. Tea was about $10 a pot, per person, but you can sit there forever and they continue to refill your water. The ear cleaning and a shoulder massage costs just a little over $10.

Afternoon Tea

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There is just something about dressing up a bit, walking through the lobby of a fancy hotel, and sitting back for a luxurious afternoon tea. And, when most of the day is spent eating spicy food, an afternoon tea is also a perfect respite for the palate.

The Tea Lounge at Niccolo Chengdu also serves at the hotel lobby. With huge windows on three sides and stunning artwork adorning the ceiling, it is the perfect place for afternoon tea in Chengdu.

A tower of sandwiches and sweet treats arrived, along with someone to prepare each of our teas. She walked us through the tea menu to determine which tea would be right for eacf of us. She poured our tea, would disappear, and quietly reappear again just as we were in need of more tea.

Afternoon tea at the Tea Lounge at Niccolo Chengdu costs about $28 per couple. Tea is extra though, as they have an amazing tea selection, which starts around $10 per pot. The Tea Lounge is located just outside of the IFS shopping mall.

Eating on Jin Li Street

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Jin Li ancient street is one of the top tourist spots in town. What was once a small alley way has now been transformed into a shopping and dining destination. Coming in through the main entrance, tourists are greeted by loads of shops. When the road splits in two, take the left road in order to find all of the street food. Although there is some food to the right, the left is where all the goodies are. It was one of the most fun places to eat in Chengdu.

Click here for our list of what to eat in Chengdu.

Shopping at Taikoo Li

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Taikoo Li is an enormous shopping, dining, and entertainment complex in the heart of Chengdu. Located just across the street from the IFS shopping mall, Taikoo Li is anchored by Channel and Hermes, just to name a few big brands.

What makes Taikoo Li unique is that the entire complex is built around an ancient Chinese temple, Daci Temple. The Buddhist temple still stands, complete with a big, smiling buddha. And, the shops and restaurants were built in a similar architectural style as well. It is unlike the big modern malls that are sprouting up across China.

Shopping at IFS

to do in Chengdu Speaking of big malls, in Chengdu is doesn’t get bigger than IFS. Although for the most part IFS is similar to other Asian mega malls, they do have an ice skating rink, and a sculpture garden on the roof. What makes IFS Chengdu unique is that part of the sculpture garden includes an enormous giant panda, crawling his way up the side of the building. From the street below it’s possible to look right up to giant panda butt. So, yeah, that’s definitely unique. The area surrounding IFS Chengdu also includes more shopping and a ton of street food as well. 

Cocktails at The Bar

to do in chengdu

The one thing I found a little odd about the area surrounding IFS Chengdu was the lack of places to grab a drink. Drinking is not as much in the Chinese culture as it is in places like Vietnam, where beer is sold almost everywhere. As we circled the pedestrian friendly blocks around IFS Chengdu it became clear that proper drinking had to be done at one of the nearby, elegant hotel bars.

The Bar at Niccolo Chengdu was the perfect place. Not only do they have an outdoor patio, which is lovely in the evening, but their bartenders make some mean cocktails too. They made us bellinis with fresh, local peaches, and a proper Old Fashioned as well.

Have you been to Chengdu? What did we miss? Tell us what to do in Chengdu in the comments below.

We were supported by Niccolo Chengdu during our time in China, but all opinions are, as always, my own.

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