How to Travel With Wine

Albana Branchini
One of the hardest things about living in Asia is the dearth of wine. When we were living in Bali, and now living in Bangkok, it’s not only hard to find decent when, but when we do, it’s pretty expensive. This is one of the primary reasons why we spent a few months each year traveling in Europe. It’s the ability to drink great wine at a great price, and to experience wine tastings on a regular basis.
The problem with wine tasting and wine storage when traveling, what happens if you find a wine you really like? How can the wine be transported home? Most of the time this issue arises not just because we’ve found a wine we like, but it’s often because we want to capture the memory of our wine tasting in Europe. We’ve met so many winemakers in Europe, and have had so many great experiences, we want to buy as much of their wine as possible. It’s as though we want to capture the memory in a bottle, like a wine souvenir.
Now, this is not a problem we’ve had at all recently. Due to customs rules and regulations, we are limited in the amount of liquor we can bring into Thailand. If we bring more than one liter per person, the folks at customs will charge us an arm and a leg to bring the wine in. But, it used to be a big problem for us, and may be a problem again in the future.
During one of our early trips to Italy, for example, we were tasting wines in Umbria, and fell in love. We purchased a case of wine, and had the wine maker ship the wine to Chicago for us. It cost a fortune. It was just not a viable option. But, there are so many times I want to travel with wine, and I just didn’t know how to do it. Then, I heard about Lazenne.

How To Travel With Wine

WineCheckLuggage Lazenne sells a wine check luggage, essentially a specialized carrier for a case of wine, which allows wine lovers to travel with wine and easily transport it home with them on the airplane. I wish this existed way back during that wine tasting trip in Umbria.
Due to security reasons there is no way to carry a case of wine, or even a bottle of wine in an airplane carry on unless you purchase it from duty free. But, that sort of defeats the purpose of purchasing a bottle or two of wine after a memorable wine tasting.
If wine can’t be carried on, it must be checked. Yes, it’s possible to wrap a bottle or two carefully and place them inside your luggage, and hope for the best. Unfortunately, that’s a risky proposition, and it is quite common for bottles to break mid-flight and make quite the mess in the suitcase. By using Lazenne’s wine check luggage, the packing of the wine is practically taken care of.
Although there are no airline or security regulations particularly relating to transporting wine in checked luggage. But, there may be some limits on the number of checked bags, or any weight restrictions on luggage. Most of the Lazenne wine check luggage is designed to weight between 18-23 kilograms depending on the type of bottle. Even at 23 kilograms, or 50 pounds, that is well under the limit for most airlines.

How to Use Wine Check Luggage

traveling with wine The Lazenne wine check luggage can carry either 12 or 15 bottles. Wine bottles of all shapes and sizes fit in the carrier, including champagne bottles, beer bottles, and even olive oil! The wine bottles are carefully placed inside, and the luggage can be checked exactly the same way as any other luggage.
When I first started seeing information online about wine check luggage, I thought it must be entirely impractical, like traveling with an empty suitcase, and then filling up on the way back. The empty wine carry luggage is actually foldable when empty and easy to transport on the way over to Europe. Once in Europe it’s easy to buy the replaceable and recyclable styrofoam inserts at Lazenne distributors across Europe. Or, you can order them online and have them shipped within Europe.
In the end, it seems traveling with wine is not as hard as it used to be. This luggage is easy to pack and easy to handle, and is the perfect way to bring your wine tasting memories home.
Lazenne wine check luggage starts around €99 and can be purchased in their online shop.

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