Tips for Eating in Bali – Part 2 – The Padang

One of my golden rules in street eats is to only eat food that is freshly prepared in front of me.  Otherwise, you never know how long the food has been sitting there.  This is not the case for the padang, an institution in Bali, and one of the best ways to find cheap eats.

In addition to the warungs specializing in serving the tourists and expats, it is still possible to find a padang in central Ubud.  Padangs are imported from the rest of Indonesia, and tend to be more Muslim influenced.  There is no pork on the menu, and they serve beef.  

Eating in Bali You can tell it is a traditional padang by walking by.  There are shelves in the windows with stacks of bowls and dishes piled high.  The padang is stocked in the morning and will serve food all day long.  The bowls are filled with various fish and chicken dishes, eggs, vegetables, and tofu.  Some my favorites are a spicy tofu, a fried mashed potato, and the famous Indonesian beef rendang, essentially, beef cooked in a coconut and spice sauce until tender (although it is often pretty chewy).   

The family will cook all the food for the day in the morning, and place the dishes in the window.  They sit there all day until they are eaten.  Although the padangs do not fit within my golden rule of eating while traveling, we have been frequenting them for lunch.  We generally try to avoid them for dinner, when the food has been sitting too long.  

The server piles a plate high with rice, you point to the dishes you want (usually 2-4 is the norm).  They will add some chilies, sambal spicy sauce, and perhaps cover the rice with a curry sauce.  Generally these meals cost about $2-$3 a person.  They can also easily be wrapped in brown paper for take away.

Eating in Bali We had three padangs that we frequented in the Ubud area during our two+ months in Ubud.  One is on the top end of Jalan Hannoman, one of the main roads in central Ubud.  It is loaded with tourist shops and restaurants, and this one padang seems to be a hold out of a long lost era of historic Ubud.  We went to this padang during our first visit to Ubud back in 2009, so we refer to it as the “Padang we Went to Last Time” or something along those lines.  Eric got a little sick after eating there, so we have not returned.  Although, I don’t blame the padang for that one.  

Eating in Bali

My $1 Vegetarian Padang Lunch

The second of the padangs is just outside our neighborhood.  We refer to this one as the “Padang Close to Home.”  The third padang we went to only once, probably because I refer to it as the “Padang With the Rat.”  The unfortunate thing is that I think that padang had the best food of the three – the best beef rendang and tasty, spicy tofu.  The obvious problem being the decent sized rat I saw on the top of the fridge, in the dining area, when I was about 80% finished with my meal.  Perhaps this is why I prefer facing the street when eating.

Just before leaving Ubud, we tried one last padang, Puteri Minang, on Jalan Rayan Ubud, which cuts through the north side of Ubud.  First off, the selection was amazing, with at least a dozen different vegetarian, tofu, and tempe dishes, with a separate selection of meat and fish dishes.  They had double the selection of other padangs, seem to do a brisk location.  The padang was even better than the Padang With the Rat, and became my favorite.  My dish with tofus, veggies, and rice was only $1! Can’t beat that.  Puteri Minang will become a regular hangout when we return to Bali later this year. 

And, yes, this video was taken at the Padang With the Rat.  (sigh)


  1. WOW rendang from Padang, Indonesia The indeed very tasty. I love culinary Indonesia

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  3. for people foreign maybe this food is very cheap but to people at indonesia this food really expensive.

  4. Padang is one most popular city in Indonesia anda one food that i love from padang is rendang. In bali i try to buy sate padang bit the taste not soo good

  5. Memang Rendang padang sudah terkenal sampai keluar negeri ya

  6. thanks gan..btw admin suka masakan rendang ya 🙂

  7. If you go to bali and wanna cheap eat, just buy rendang made in padang.

  8. Hi there, I accidentally open this website and read this. I know this Puteri Minang restaurant that you eat last time and choose it is the best Padang food than others, since I am a regular customers who knows the owner really well. So, I just want to make it clear because it seems, you make the pictures between Puteri Minang and the “Pitri Minang” (Padang with the rat) mixed. I’m afraid people will assume it was in the same place (since the name is almost similar), so you know.. maybe you can give the explanation below the pictures, which is the “puteri minang” and which is the “pitri minang”. As you know, puteri minang is one of the best and clean padang restaurant in ubud and you may find it also on google (tripadvisor,, etc). So, thank you for the kind feedback, I will show it to the owner and best regards from me and them 🙂

  9. the same as the previous comments …. most delicious rendang padang in Indonesia

  10. Love rendang 🙂 Sedap sekali


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