The Animals of Petra – a Photo Essay

It can be difficult to find cute animals in the desert, or at least interesting animals in the desert.  When looking for the animals of Petra, I figured we would see at least a few.  I anticipated we would see some animals with all the stories of the horses, donkeys, and camels offering tourists entertainment at Petra.  Unfortunately, we heard about the aggressiveness of the touts, the animals’ owners, who often try to fleece the tourists, and even worse, the mistreatment of the horses. As we made our way further into the park, you could tell there were a lot of animals of Petra.  Well, you could smell there were a lot of animals around.  I, unfortunately, will always associate Petra with the smell of poop. I was very much on guard, and even once I started snapping photos of the animals of Petra, I did it on the sly, lest a tout demand that I pay for a picture of the animals.  I was certainly more ready to delete a photo than pay.  After all, we had already paid so much just to get into the park. I managed to sneak a few photos though, of donkeys. animals of petra animals of petra animals of petra animals of petra I tracked down a few horse drawn carriages – some waiting for fares, others barreling down the siq, the cavernous passageway leading to the famous Treasury. animals of petra   This carriage, almost hit a cute cat that was stupid enough to cross his path. animals of Petra I can’t go anywhere without taking cat photos.  I just can’t help it. animals of Petra And, there’s no suprise that I end with some camel shots.  This is a desert in Jordan, after all. animals of Petra A face only a mother camel could love. animals of Petra And, those are the animals of Petra. [box]

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  1. Clare says:

    This photo essay is simple in form but shows the actual way of life that the animals in Petra are experiencing. Your photos depicted a story – which is a hard end goal to meet. Claire of

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