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From high end food courts with traditional Portuguese food, to amazing pork sandwiches. From Portuguese fish and fresh seafood at the famous Cervejaria Ramiro, and amazing lesser known wines. Portugal has a little something for everyone. We only scratched the surface of Portugal food travel, after a couple of trips to the city. We explored the Alentejo wine country, which left us only wanting more. The best way to visit Portugal is to get out of the city, and really explore!

Before traveling to Portugal, I would not have associated the country with wine. Of course I know about the sweet port dessert wine, but other than that, it is a country unexplored for wine. When traveling to Portugal for the first time, we often just asked for the house white wine, or thought we were sophisticated when we learned about vino verde, a crisp white wine, with a greenish tint. You can find it all over the city.

Standing While Eating in Lisbon

eating in Lisbon

Although we had some phenomenal sit-down meals, at Cervejaria Ramiro and Cervajeria Baleal, most of our eating in Lisbon, Portugal, experiences involved wandering around the seven hills (or at least a few of them) and eating standing up.  We ate several of our bifanas at O Trevo while standing.  We ate a lot on our […]