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Foodies Tour and Food Travel Blog: A culinary travel blog with tips for foodies on where to eat and what to eat around the world, including how to find the best food tours and cooking classes.

We travel the world on our stomachs, and know a lot of other travelers do as well. When we started our travel blog and left the United States, our goal was to seek out adventure wherever we could.

But, as we traveled to over 70 different countries, we realized what we really sought were adventures in food! We’ve sought out what to eat and where to eat around the world, and our culinary travel blog offers the best tips for foodies. This includes:

  • Food tours
  • Cooking classes
  • What to eat
  • Where to eat
  • Understanding food history
  • Learning from the people who make the food we love to eat

We have everything for foodies who travel, who want to seek their own Adventures in Food!

Anthony Bourdain in Croatia – It is Beautiful, But He Had Help

Bourdain in Croatia

I have wanted to visit Croatia for years, even before Anthony went there during the last season of No Reservations.  We bought a travel guide for Croatia back in 2006 and have held onto it since, through many trips elsewhere and numerous rounds of downsizing.  We kept trying to make our way here, but it […]