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Foodies Tour and Food Travel Blog: A culinary travel blog with tips for foodies on where to eat and what to eat around the world, including how to find the best food tours and cooking classes.

We travel the world on our stomachs, and know a lot of other travelers do as well. When we started our travel blog and left the United States, our goal was to seek out adventure wherever we could.

But, as we traveled to over 70 different countries, we realized what we really sought were adventures in food! We’ve sought out what to eat and where to eat around the world, and our culinary travel blog offers the best tips for foodies. This includes:

  • Food tours
  • Cooking classes
  • What to eat
  • Where to eat
  • Understanding food history
  • Learning from the people who make the food we love to eat

We have everything for foodies who travel, who want to seek their own Adventures in Food!

Eating With The Locals – Alternative Athens

Eating With The Locals

We may not be into seeking out the best museums or spend hours touring historical sites, but when it comes to learning about a city, and a culture, we tend to look straight to its food.  What kind of ingredients are used?  How is the food prepared?  What are the dining habits of the local […]

Why We Spent Two Weeks Touring Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna Italy

We are not newbies to Italy travel.  In fact, before this trip, we had been to over 15 cities and towns in Italy, from Rome to Milan to Venice, and loads of small towns in between.  It is a place that has captured our hearts and our imaginations for years. But, we had never spent […]

Devouring Catalan Cuisine on a Barcelona Food Tour

Barcelona Food Tour

How is it possible to eat almost every Catalan speciality within the span of just a few hours?  With the Devour Barcelona food tour anything is possible. During a little more than 4 hours, our guide, Renee, showed us the town, literally, by walking us around the neighborhood of Gracia, taking us to the local […]

How to Eat Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Dim sum in Hong Kong

What legitimate travel blogger, and international eater, doesn’t have their go to, local place to eat dim sum in Hong Kong?  Well, we certainly do.  We found it during our first trip in 2009, and have been back every trip to Hong Kong since then (and sometimes more than once). Although, in interest of full […]

Bintang and Babi Guling in Bali

Babi Guling in Bali

Now that we have this gorgeous Bali, Indonesia house, even if fraught with problems, we started talking about a housewarming.  We had enough room, the gorgeous view.  We even had friends to invite.  Eric came up with the idea around New Years of hosting a Balinese inspired party – with babi guling and Bintang beer.  […]