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Whether you call them digital nomads or consider it a location independent lifestyle, this blog includes loads of tips on how to travel while working.

When we started this travel blog we were entirely nomadic, as we traveled the world for almost a year. Since that time, we have alternated between having a “home base” while traveling and being nomadic since that time.

All the while we have built new businesses, and maintained our businesses, while being either digital nomads or location independent. So, what’s the difference?

Digital nomads are people who travel, almost non-stop, while building and maintaining online businesses.

A location independent lifestyle also involves online businesses, but it one that can be done from anywhere. These business owners and entrepreneurs could be nomadic, or they could have a home base.

That is more of our current lifestyle, where we work online but from our home in Spain.

We Are Travel Bloggers, We Are Awesome

Courtyard Marriott Seoul

Over the last almost two years, we have surrounded ourselves with people much like ourselves. Our social circle has been comprised of yoga teachers, corporate dropouts, travel bloggers, digital nomads, and perpetual nomads. It has been inspiring to be surrounded by people who sort of “get us,” who understand the life we lead.

Living Like Locals in Athens

living like locals in Athens

After spending five nights at the Civitel hotel in northern Athens, and being left exhausted by a very long three days of TBEX, a travel bloggers’ conference, and in preparation for our 20 hour journey home to Bali, we needed a break. We had three nights to fill before we left Greece and knew that […]