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Best Couple Massage Bangkok Can Offer – Bangkok Massage Guide

Best Couple Massage Bangkok Can Offer - Bangkok Massage Guide

During our December trip, Eric found a fabulous day spa in Bangkok close to our apartment rental, Dahra Spa in the Silom Road area. When we booked our apartment for this stay, I was thrilled to be within walking distance of what I now consider my absolute favorite spa in Bangkok.

Dahra Spa is a little oasis in the bustling city. It is unbelievably serene, well appointed, and not that much more expensive than the cheap-o Bangkok massage places, with lines of chairs for foot massages in the window, and bored massage girls playing on their phones waiting for customers.

No, Dahra Spa is heavenly in comparison. We’ve done a few Thai massages there, and a foot massage in a quiet little room that allowed us to take a nap while getting a foot massage. It was like multitasking.

Just before leaving, though, we wanted to splurge on a full spa day in Bangkok, and knew Dahra was the way to go. They offer amazing deals if you book on their website. And, I swear they are not paying me to say any of this.