Eating in Athens

eating in Athens

Our first stop of our eating in Athens tour was Seabear Oyster Bar, where we sat down with Chef Patrick, and his partner Peter, about the Athens dining scene.

We talked about what to eat in Athens, from the high-end dining spots to the greasy spoons. Of course, it took a little more prodding to get the low down on the college dining scene. I wanted to visit Athens because it is a fun college town. I loved our food at Seabear, but I wanted to pretend to be a college student for a few days! And Chef Patrick and Peter didn’t disappoint with their recommendations.

Chef Patrick also didn’t disappoint in the dishes he brought out for us to test out the Seabear menu. Taking traditional southern ingredients, and fusing them with international flair, with one of Seabear’s most popular dishes being their okra.

Thanks to both Chef Patrick and Peter for helping us out with their recommendations for eating in Athens!

What We Ate at Seabear Oyster Bar

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