Food and Travel Podcast S2E20: Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Most of our our podcast episodes are scheduled ahead of time. We know who we are going to speak with, we do a little background research, and have a list of topics to discuss. This episode was just not that kind of episode.

As soon as we bit into the first bit of a breakfast sandwich at Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge, we knew we had to learn the story behind this little bit of donut heaven in Louisiana.

The Best Breakfast Sandwich in Baton Rouge

Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Jeff of Tiger Deaux-Nuts explained just what was on one of the best breakfast sandwiches we’ve ever eaten. First off, it included a special sausage, called boudin, and it was sandwiched between two slices of their famous donuts. It was so tasty I didn’t even need to add ketchup! Locals say it makes a “mockery of the McGriddle.”

The Donuts at Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Tiger Deaux-Nuts Baton Rouge

Jeff was a man with a dream. A donut dream. On this week’s episode of our food travel podcast, not only did we talk about a locally famous breakfast sandwich, but we learned how he came up with the idea of creating an artisan donut shop in Baton Rouge.

And, what’s with the name? What is a deaux-nut anyway? It’s the Cajun way of spelling donut. Well, maybe not officially, but it’s a Cajun play on words. Trust us.

Mentions on This Week’s Culinary Podcast

Where to Find the Best Gulf Coast Eats!

Tiger Deaux-Nuts in Baton Rouge

Greenhouse on Porter – the biscuit and coffee shop in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. We chatted with the women behind the biscuits on a recent podcast episode.

Parish Brewing Company – Craft beer over near Lafayette, Louisiana

Tin Roof Beer – Baton Rouge’s big craft beer company

Southern Craft Beer Company – where we took our extra donuts to pair with Louisiana craft beer

Hotel Indigo Baton Rouge – where we stayed during our trip to Baton Rouge

What is Boudin – if you have to ask this question, you need to read this post

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