Food and Travel Podcast S2E19: Talking BBQ With Jay Ducote

Jay Ducote Baton Rouge Food Travel Part 2 of our chat with Jay Ducote, the unofficial food mayor of Baton Rouge. Whereas our first episode talked about Jay’s transition from typical office worker to food TV celebrity, this episode focuses on food travel. And, in particular BBQ and food travel.

Talking BBQ With Jay Ducote

Jay Ducote Baton Rouge Food Travel According to Jay Ducote, the self proclaimed BBQ connoisseur, where is the best place to travel in the US for BBQ? Let’s just say, it involves beef, beef ribs, and brisket. Any guesses? Listen to the podcast.

Well, we also talk BBQ pork, because we can’t have a single episode of this culinary podcast without Eric talking about pork.

Talking Food Travel With Jay Ducote

Our chat with Jay quickly turned from BBQ to Louisiana food specialties, including a special local sausage. We don’t want to give too much away as there will be special episode and blog post later about boudin. Jay also provides his advice on what to eat in Baton Rouge, including oysters which rival those available in New Orleans.

We talked with Jay about local Baton Rouge chefs and their restaurants, focusing on local cuisine and use of fresh, local ingredients. We also talk about the possibility of Indian fusion tacos in Baton Rouge and the occupational hazards of being a food travel blogger.

Tweet to Jay and let him know you heard about him on our culinary travel podcast!  Jay, like us, always wonders “Is there anyone out there listening?”

Mentions on This Episode of our Food Travel Podcast

Where to Find the Best Gulf Coast Eats!

The Next Food Network Star – Jay was the season 11 runner up!

Tin Roof Beer – Tin Roof Beer hosted us with dozens of baby beers in Baton Rouge

Bite and Booze – Jay’s blog, podcast, and radio show

Jay D’s BBQ Rub – Jay’s BBQ rub and BBQ sauce, available for sale on his website

Government Taco – Jay’s new culinary endeavor in Baton Rouge.

Kansas City BBQ Society – What is deemed real BBQ in Kansas.

City Pork in Baton Rouge – Baton Rouge’s pork empire expands.

The Shed BBQ in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Talking about Gulf Coast BBQ.

Texas Beef at Man Ho Macau – Eating amazing Texas beef, in of all places, Macau.

Portugal Food Travel Guide and Ireland Food Travel Guide – We swap foodie stories about Portugal and Ireland with Jay.

Why Emilia Romagna has the best Italian food – We give Jay advice on how to travel to Italy for the best food, by introducing our friend Helena at Yummy Italy.

Why We Can’t Love France – no matter how hard we try.

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