Food and Travel Podcast S2E18: Culinary Careers With Jay Ducote

Jay Ducote Culinary Careers

Jay Ducote Culinary Careers Not everyone follows the path that was originally laid out for them. We certainly didn’t. And, neither did Chef Jay Ducote from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We sat down and talked about culinary careers, and how we ended up in ours, along with how the food blogging world has changed.

How did Jay Ducote go from teaching Algebra to becoming the runner up for the Next Food Network Star? Jay was a substitute teacher, grant writer, and wanna-be professional tailgater. Luckily for us, he made the switch.

All of Jay Ducote’s Culinary Careers

Jay Ducote Baton Rouge Food Travel We sat down with Jay Ducote at Tin Roof Beer in Baton Rouge, over a few dozen craft beers (yes a few dozen). We learned about all of his various culinary careers. And, he is one busy guy. He started his food blog, Bite and Booze, during his daily office worker lunch breaks. The food blog started from just wanting to share the stories of the meals he was eating around Baton Rouge.

From that modest start he became the unofficial food mayor of Baton Rouge. Jay launched his own BBQ sauce and rub, his own wine, his own food podcast, and even his own local radio show. And, yes, he was a runner up on the Next Food Network Star. We talk about how he made it to TV and what is it like to be on a culinary reality TV show.

You can follow Jay through his Bite and Booze blog on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Mentions on This Episode of our Culinary Travel Podcast

Where to Find the Best Gulf Coast Eats!

The Next Food Network Star – Jay was the season 11 runner up!

Tin Roof Beer – Tin Roof Beer hosted us with dozens of baby beers in Baton Rouge

Bite and Booze – Jay’s blog, podcast, and radio show

The French Press in Lafayette

Chef The Movie – The movie that inspired us to leave Bali in search of great food!

Bradley Coopers Burnt – Another fun foodie movie

Cutthroat Kitchen Season 1 – Jay was also on an episode of Cutthroat Kitchen

Government Taco – Jay’s upcoming taco stand in Baton Rouge

The Shed BBQ in Ocean Springs, Mississippi – Talking BBQ food with Brad of the Shed

Mama Honey’s BBQ Rub – The best rub for your butt

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