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We met Peter and Annette during our recent French river cruise with Viking. I knew Annette from her blog, Bucketlist Journey. But, I did not realize that she was married to a recovering engineer, turned chef, and that together they run a successful Italian restaurant in Northern California, Sugo Trattoria.

sugo trattoria We talk about some of their favorite food travel experiences. We were surprised to find some similarities, like enjoying great Greek food, loving pinchos and tapas in Barcelona, and how much we all love the art of charcuterie. Although Peter is way more advanced than we are in cured meats. We merely enjoy them. He makes them himself. We also surprised Peter and Annette with our knowledge of Mexican in Bangkok.

I think by the end we were jealous of their wine drinking in California, and they were jealous of our easy access to amazing Pad Thai. And, I think we may have agreed to meet up in Spain, or Italy, or Georgia (the state, not the country), at some point in the next year!

Thank you to Viking River Cruises for introducing us to another great couple, who travel together, and work together, just like we do!

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Peter and Annette’s Restaurant in Petaluma is Sugo Trattoria

You can find Annette on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at Bucketlist Journey

Annette’s new book, Bucketlist Adventures, is available on Amazon for Pre-sale

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