Food and Travel Podcast S02E10: Chengdu Spicy Food

Chengdu Spicy Food

On this week’s episode of our culinary travel podcast, we talk spicy food in Chengdu, and wonder whether Sichuan peppers are, in fact, too hot to handle.

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Chengdu Spicy Food

I love to bring the heat. It’s rare that I eat food that I don’t douse in hot sauce and spicy chilis, particularly in Asia. That’s why I was so excited to head to Chengdu, the land of spicy food and Sichuan peppers.

We spent this entire food travel podcast episode talking Chengdu spicy food, including the difference between Sichuan chili and Sichuan peppers. We also talk about the different types of Chengdu spicy food, including wantons and dumplings, hot pot, and even that time we ate panda!

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Check out our video on what to eat in Chengdu:

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