Traveling in France

Why We Can’t Love Traveling in France

“No Matter How Hard We Try”

We haven’t spent much time traveling in France. We’ve spent lots of time in Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, but not France. We’ve dipped our toes into the sea that is France in the past, but never dived deep.

It was one of the reasons why were were so excited for our French river cruise. To taste French food, drink French wine, and hang out with some French goats. We extended our stay beyond the week long cruise, to spend time in exotic places likes Aix-en-Provence and Lyon.

But, no matter how hard we tried to love France, it just didn’t take. Traveling in France is just not as easy as it’s neighboring countries. Part of it was due to language, part of it was due to what was going on in France this summer, and part of it had to do with French food, believe it or not.

On this week’s episode of our culinary travel podcast, we apologize to the French as we admit how hard it was to travel in France.

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Check Out This Week’s Episode of the Food Travel Podcast

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