Food and Travel Podcast S02E07: 4 Years of With Husband In Tow

With Husband In Tow Culinary Travel Podcast

Our 4 Year Travel Anniversary

I can hardly believe it’s been four years since we left the US. Even more, I can’t believe we celebrate 15 years of marriage in the same week. It’s certainly a week to celebrate 4 years of With Husband In Tow (but really 15)

During this week’s episode we talk a little less about our food travel experiences, and we get a lot more personal. Yes, we tell fun stories about how much we disliked traveling in Central America, how I relieved myself of my sins while traveling in Bulgaria and got food poisoning, and we dispel the notion of romantic train travel through Europe.

We talk about how one of the best things that has happened to us as a result of this travel lifestyle is the ability to travel with friends. That we’ve been able to create a supportive network of travel bloggers and digital nomads, who have truly become our friends. But, we share the life of an entrepreneur, the ups and downs, and the stress that we feel on a regular basis while trying to make this crazy travel blogging life of ours sustainable.

We also talk about our upcoming travel plans, including our culinary road trip to the Southeast US called #USChowDown, and where else we hope to visit over the next twelve months.

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Mentions On This Week’s Culinary Travel Podcast

The One Million Dollar Travel Blogger (It’s definitely not us, nor is he making a million dollars from blogging)

Nelson Carvalheiros’ Portuguese Travel Cookbook

Our #USChowDown, including our stop at Mama Honey’s BBQ in Macon (The Best Rub for Your Butt) and Cantina Puianello Lambrusco

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