Food and Travel Podcast S02E06: Culinary Travel With One Modern Couple

One Modern Couple

One Modern Couple

Who is One Modern Couple?

Canadian travel blogging duo Macrae and Carolann have been traveling the world and sharing their best travel tips on the destinations they’ve visited. They’ve ridden a scooter through 762 turns, up and down mountains, from Chiang Mai to Pai. They’ve rung in Chinese New Year with new friends in Taiwan, fulfilled lifelong dreams of finding elephants in Thailand, learned to scuba dive, and tried some incredibly strange food they regret eating.

In fact, we talk about some of their strange food experiences on this episode of our culinary travel podcast. We consider ourselves pretty adventurous eaters, and have even eaten a full snake dinner in Vietnam. But, Macrae and Carolan’s experiences are equally unique. They certainly are One Modern Couple!

And, this was the first podcast episode that we recorded in our very own cabin on a river cruise. In order to find some quiet, the four of us crowded around the bed in our stateroom aboard our Viking River Cruise in France in order to chat about food travel. After hanging with One Modern Couple in both France and Thailand over the last year, we figured we knew them well enough. But after this, we know them even better!

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Mentions on This Culinary Travel Podcast

One Modern Couple’s post on their first Viking River Cruise

The Dishes They Regret Eating, including the time they ate horse!

You can find One Modern Couple on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and they have a culinary travel Instagram page as well, at OMCEats.

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