Food and Travel Podcast S02E05: Talking Food on a Cruise

Viking River Cruise France

Viking River Cruise France

So, Who Exactly is Brian The Viking Scot?

Okay, so first off, I have a thing for guys with accents. In fact, when I met Eric I told him he would be a “10” if he only had an accent. And, Brian’s Scottish accent is awesome. He’s from a small town in Scotland called Paisley, yes Paisley. And, Brian was the Hotel Manager on our Viking French river cruise.

But, we also fell in love with Brian the Scot just because he is such a great person, so welcoming to guests on board, so energetic. We just knew we had to interview him. And, he has a very interesting background, has been around the world and back again. As a result, Brian the Viking Scot shares with us his favorite places to travel, and some of his favorite foods too! A very entertaining episode of our culinary travel podcast.

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Food on a Cruise

Viking River Cruises France

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And, see more about our Viking River Cruise experience in our VIDEO:

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