Food and Travel Podcast S02E04: All About the Goats in Europe

Goats Podcast

A Podcast All About the Goats

I never thought I would love goats as much as I do. And, this week, we are about goats on the blog. Welcome to Goat Week!

On this week’s episode, we talk about our first time meeting a goat, with our friend Chef Marc in Catalunya. It was a night of eating and drinking, and ultimately, a run in with a goat in a kitchen. After that experience, I sort of put goats out of my mind, until our last trip to Europe.

Over a one month period, traveling in both the Czech Republic and in France, we had two amazing experiences with goats, that just made me fall in love. It made me start to use the hashtag #GoatLove. It made me want to take one (or more) home with me to our tiny Bangkok apartment. I realize, completely, that is not a smart move. Instead, we’ve dedicated a week on the blog to videos, photos, and yes, even a podcast, to talk about goats!

#GoatLove indeed!

And, don’t worry, this week we are in love with goats as we learn about making goat cheese in Europe. No goats were harmed in publishing goat week.

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Here is my unsuccessful goat selfie. I am nothing if not glamorous.

Czech goats

And, check out our video about French Goats: 

Mentions on This Week’s Food Travel Podcast

Czech Food – What Czechs Eat – Yes, part of that is goat cheese

Viking River Cruises – The cruise that we took in France, from Avignon to Lyon

A French River Cruise – Food and Wine on the Rhone – All about the food and wine we drank during our Viking River Cruise

There’s a Goat in the Kitchen, Hotel Tamariu, and Where to Stay in Costa Brava

Bologna Bubbles: Our friends Alessandro and Helena, who have yet to take us to see goats in Italy!

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