Food and Travel Podcast S02E03: Guinness at Fennessy’s Pub Limerick

Fennessy's Limerick

The Best Pint of Guinness? Fennessy’s Limerick!

During our month in Limerick, Ireland, last year, we put in a lot of blood, sweat, and tears in, researching what pub pours the best pint of Guinness in Limerick. Let’s just say, we weren’t surprised when it caused a bit of controversy, not just in Limerick, but throughout Ireland, and even abroad. The Irish take their Guinness pretty seriously.

Since that last visit, we’ve been courted by some pubs in Limerick, who swore that they had the best pint of Guinness in Limerick, and we needed to give them a try. We received Facebook messages and tweets. But, only one pub sent us a photo of a pint of Guinness has a Christmas present, letting us know they were thinking of us. It was Matthew Fennessy’s Limerick. This obviously put them at the very top of the must-try list!

When we arrived in Limerick, how could we pass up the opportunity to do just a little more research. So, on a rainy Limerick afternoon, we trekked across the city to meet up with Dara at Fennessy’s Limerick. Dara, a fourth generation pub owner told us some amazing stories about the history of his family, and of Fennessy’s, and we talked about what it takes to pour the perfect pint of Guinness.

Not only is this a great episode to listen to if you are heading to Ireland, but it is also one for people who love Guinness, and history!

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Fennessy’s Pub Limerick

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