Food and Travel Podcast S02E01: Welcome to Season 2

With Husband In Tow Food Travel Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of Our Food Travel Podcast

After a few weeks of hiatus, we are back with Season 2 of our food, wine & luxury travel podcast! This is quick little episode, a preview of upcoming episodes of the podcast.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been touring Europe. First, we explored the Czech Republic in search of great food and Czech wine. After, we drank some of the best Guinness in Ireland while visiting family in Limerick. After, we spent about three weeks in France. It was the first time we’ve been in France in about a decade. You can imagine there was a lot of French wine, but also a fabulous Viking River Cruise.

This preview episode of our food travel podcast just scratches the surface of what’s up and coming on Season 2 of the With Husband In Tow podcast!

And, if you like Arrested Development, you might also get a kick out of some of our AD humor!

If you aren’t all caught up on season 1, there’s still time. Find all of our podcast episodes here.

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