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Introducing Ric from Global Gaz

On this week’s episode of the With Husband In Tow food travel podcast, we talk adventure with Ric Gazarian of Global Gaz. Ric is part of a very exclusive club, which we talk about in the podcast. But, Ric is also trying to be part of an even more exclusive club: travelers who’ve been to all 193 countries recognized by the U.N. As a result, he’s been to some pretty unique places.

We met Ric about two years ago back in the US, while I was speaking at an event for Meet Plan Go! an organization whose primary goal is to encourage career breaks for Americans. Now, we live in Bangkok together, one of the reasons why we moved to Bangkok in the first place. He has regaled us with stories about the places he’s visited, including Chernobyl, Somaliland, North Korea, and Transnistria. Yeah, he travels a totally different way than we do. The photo above is of him celebrating 25 years of Transnistria!

Then, of course we talk food. Ric mentions two places in particular where he thinks you can find the best Pad Thai in Bangkok and the best Mexican in Bangkok. And, we talk about his choices for the best, and worst, food he’s found on the road!

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