Food and Travel Podcast S01E17: Luxury Flying Experiences

With Husband In Tow luxury travel podcast

On this week’s episode of the With Husband In Tow luxury travel podcast, we talk luxury travel and Eric’s fascination with amenity kits on airplanes, from business class to first class.

Luxury Flying Experiences

During our recent trip to Europe, we flew Cathay Pacific first class and Emirates Airlines business class, on both their Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A380. We walk through the best, and not so best, moments from each of these three flights. This may be one of those podcasts that makes people hate us, as we talk about caviar service and getting drunk at an in-flight bar. Plus, we experienced an amazing airport lounge when we hung out for six hours in the Cathay Pacific First Class lounge.

Cathay Pacific First Class Oh, and there’s that photo of us sharing a seat on an airplane.

It’s all in a day’s work as a luxury travel blogger.

Mentions on this week’s Luxury Travel Podcast:

Cathay Pacific First Class

Emirates Business Class

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