Food and Travel Podcast S01E14: Big Beers in Berlin

With Husband In Tow Food Travel Podcast

On this week’s episode of the With Husband In Tow food travel podcast, we talk beer. Big beer. And big portions of German food.

Beers in Berlin

It has been noted that we are not huge fans of craft beer. Despite a visit last year to the Dingle Brewing Company, to taste Crean’s Lager, we just have not developed the taste. That’s why, in a place like Berlin, we opt for simple beers, in mass quantities. To go along with all of the amazing German food we stuffed our faces with during the week. Find out the story behind a 1 kilogram portion of stuffed cabbage, and what’s up with all the wurst.

Check out our time-lapse video of one afternoon drinking beer in Berlin. And, yes, this was a four beer lunch.

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