Food and Travel Podcast S01E10: Best Suckling Pig in the World

best suckling pig

Best Suckling Pig In The World

Part 1 in our series of the best pork dishes in the world, rehashing the stories of the best suckling pig we’ve ever eaten, from Vietnam to Spain and back again.

We tried to come up with a list of our favorite pork dishes in the world. For readers of the blog, this is not an easy task as you know we love pork. Particularly Eric. He’s thinking of getting a pig tattoo. What we found is that the best pork dishes we’ve eaten could, in fact, be a series of individual blog posts about different kinds of pork. So, we decided to start big.

Suckling pig, or whole roasted pig, might not be an everyday dish. It might be a special occasion dish, and that’s just too bad. From babi guling in Bali to a recent suckling pig at Uno Mas in Bangkok, to what we’ve called the best suckling pig in the world. We count down the best as we drool all over the microphone.

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