Food and Travel Podcast S01E07: Thai Food with Tieland to Thailand

During our recent stay at Nikki Beach Koh Samui, not only did we get to try an amazing burger made with Krispy Kreme donuts in honor of National Donut Day, but we got to spend time with Chris and Angela, from the travel blog Tieland to Thailand.

Introducing Tieland to Thailand

Tieland to Thailand I’ve relied on Tieland to Thailand’s travel advice about Thailand for quite some time, and admired their focus: on providing relevant information for travelers as well as expats settling in Thailand. They even offer one on one coaching sessions for people considering moving to Thailand.

Thai dishes mentioned include:

  • pad krapao khai dao, which is ground pork (moo) or chicken (ga) with holy basil, with a fried egg on top! Heaven.
  • khao soi, a northern Thai curry with noodle
  • khao kha moo, stewed pork leg with rice
  • pad prik gaeng, dried red curry with kaffir lime

Chris and Angela also share their best places to eat near Chiang Mai Gate!


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